Wednesday, December 13, 2006

two things about the verns.

my boss is a special lady. i am careful to not say too much on the blog about my job, for all sorts of paranoid reasons (as well as not wanting to bore you to death), so i haven't mentioned the verns much (her name is verna, but "the verns" is just way too appropriate for her, and i tend to call her this when she isn't around. it's an affectionate nickname, really).

the verns is fantastic to shoot the shit with. she always wants to know what my weekend plans are, how my personal life is going, if the gift she bought for her 23-year-old daughter is cool or not, etc. she's kinda like a fun mom figure in that she wants to make sure that you're happy, comfortable and having a good time. these are great qualities to have in a boss. unfortunately, on the business end of everything . . . well . . .

so this morning, i go into her office to give her some documents, and she's chatting with a co-worker. about mork and mindy. no, i'm not kidding. she was going on and on about how much she loves robin williams - really, madly loves him - and i asked if she thinks that he is attractive. she said "not really. but, i'm tellin you, if you're a crotch-watcher, YOU KNOW that he's packing." i started laughing and backing away slowly (this is one of the least-explicit things i have ever heard her say when she gets going on such matters - for real) and then she yelled after me when i was in the hallway, "oh, and jim carey, too! you see him wear those tight jeans, and you just KNOW . . ."

when i got back to my desk after my mid-morning smoke, there was a package on my chair, wrapped in "50 - Better Than Ever!" birthday paper. i opened the card and realized that it was my christmas gift from the verns. for the past two years she just gave me $50 in cash (way too generous, in my opinion), but this year she gave me a kate spade handbag. it's really pretty - a wool pattern that matches my winter coat but has little flecks of pastel in the fabric, nice silver hardware, black leather strap and bottom. when i saw it i was like "VERNA!!!! this is too nice! i love it! but really, that is way too generous." she said, "yeah, well, it ain't real" (upon further inspection, she is quite correct - the kate spade label is easily peeled off, since it's a cloth sticker) and told me to look inside. she got me an ornament. a personalized one. with my name and pos' name on two clinking champagne glasses with "1st Christmas - 2006" painted on it. it's nice. it's also . . . kinda . . . creepy . . . considering we've been dating for just a few months . . . and "1st christmas" seems . . . well . . . "iknowwehaventbeendatingverylong - butyouhadbetterneverleavemeoriwillcutyou." i was wondering why she called me a few weeks ago and asked what my boyfriend's name is.

so that's just two things about the verns. a little window into the miscellaneousness that is my every day dealings with her. here is an old post that might offer yet even more insight. she's an interesting person.

also: the kate spade knock-off reminds me of a story that my friend ks told me. she bought a simple black nylon kate spade handbag off the street for $40 in dc and decided to actually buy a real one (retail price: around $300) at bloomingdale's when she was in new york. she set her knock-off on the counter to get her wallet out, and the salesgirl looked at it and sniffed, "huh, i've never seen that style before." hahahahaha. BITCH!!!


Katie said...

you made me laugh out loud. at work. i can't wait to see the ornament at new years.

MarinaMode said...

Lovely handbag !

Anonymous said...

LOL!!!!! :-)