Monday, January 22, 2007

blue monday

i am not okay with the new re-animated orville redenbacher popcorn ads. i watched the golden globes with jmk and nr, as she was visiting from dc (yay!) and they kept playing the ad, and jmk found this article. too creepy. it looks like they dug up his corpse and made him into a puppet.

my friends ds and mc got engaged over xmas and asked me to be in their wedding, which is really flattering and i'm excited for. i've never been in a wedding before, except for when i was a flower girl for my uncle's wedding when i was seven. this isn't, ahem, because i don't have very many friends, but because hardly any of my friends are married. i've been invited to less than ten weddings since i've been in college. i'm totally looking forward to all of the weddings that i am sure i will attend some day, since i have lots of kool and interesting friends who deserve to be with someone just as amazing, but no one's in all that big of a rush, or haven't found the right person yet, or are discriminated against because they're gay. me and my single friends are not alone - there are now more women who aren't married in america than who are. this article is pretty good and breaks it all down for you.

i have only owned one car, and even then i only had it the year i lived in new hampshire, as they have zero forms of public transportation. i don't want a car. but i do kinda want one of these. i read mj's post about it and went lookin. his blog is great. i like his collection of the best bumper stickers of 2006.

when i heard about the murder of adrienne shelly, i was really saddened, especially because the circumstances were so fucked up. the movie waitress, which she wrote, directed, and acted in, is debuting at sundance. i'll want to see it, and i hope that her work can overshadow her death.

speaking of death, here's two to not be sad about: saddam's two douchebags who were hung. plus i had them on my dead pool, so now i have 84 points, which is almost twice what i ended up with in the 2006 dead pool. bc must have been readin the same papers i was, because he was the only other person who had them. he'll be close, but i still know that i'm gonna win.

blue monday: one of the best new order songs, and what today is. scientifically speaking, january 22 is the suckiest of all. i have a bad cold and work dragged, so i agree.

all right, 2006 was so last month, and so are end-of-the-year lists, but here's another good one: albums that didn't make the best-of-the-year lists, and why they just missed the mark. okay, fine, one more: things that were small in 06. as in, no one cared. hhahaha.

i heard about "gender genie," this supposedly-scientific program that breaks down your writing and can tell if you're a man or a woman, so i fed it some boring shit i wrote at work, and it decided that i am a man. then i cut-and-paste my blog entry from january 15, and it decided that i am a man. i am not a man. go try it here. it don't work.

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