Monday, January 15, 2007

clips, snips

saw children of men tonight. it was really good and violent and thought-provoking with the parallels between current events and what is supposedly going on in 2027. and clive owen is pretty easy to watch. also, watched an inconvenient truth on friday. quite the double-feature of depressingness. anyone who doesn't believe in global warming and how scary it is ought to be made into soylent green and fed to the future generations. if there are future generations.

anyway, here are is some randomness for you:

pos put together a dead pool 2007 blog so we can track the participants' lists and post the upcoming deaths. RIP lily munster!

js's friend has a purty photo blog of stuff in and around san fran. bookmark it - it's rad.

"the good ole days" when everyone was proper and pure is a fallacy. your granny was a slutbag, just like you.

wanna puke? click here.

fb sent me this - he was supposed to have a "game theory" class with this guy at penn this semester, but the prof killed his wife instead. i take real exception to the fact that "Authorities said Ellen Robb's injuries were so extensive they initially thought she was killed with a shotgun blast to the face" - fucking psycho! btw, i find it high comedy that little fb is like a secret economics genius. i hope the TA is good - this guy wont be dropping in to teach.

end-of-year lists are always great to read, to see if you saw all of the movies you should have and listened to all of the albums everyone thought were fantastic, but sometimes i prefer reminders of just how annoying the past 365 days were.

speaking of end-of-the-year lists, it's funny how some bands can be so celebrated and fawned over, and then they disappear, or eventually prove to be total disappointments. i own a lot of these albums - i still love travis, even though their albums after the man who were zzzzzzzzz. i don't like the mean comments about live through this ("the set of ugly, shrill, half-assed half-anthems") because that album is the soundtrack to my 17-year-old self.

one thing i truly love about the cyberweb is that it allows for all sorts of smartasses to post re-edited movies, trailer clips taken out of context, and mashups. here is tom hanks as the new james bond, which was pretty amusing, and here is a seriously great edit of the absurd-looking wicker man movie that over-emoter nicolas cage was in. it's like two minutes long and i was seriously laughing out loud at how retarded it was, and how brilliant the editing. if only most movies were boiled down just so.

this is perhaps the happiest xmas animated movie ever created (if "my dick in a box" were animated, that might win). i guess, when you get right down to it, you should pity lindsay lohan. whatevs - she's worth soooo many points in the dead pool!


plug1 said...

hey thanks for the link, for me and my gf started it a few months ago.

just out of curiosity, what are the 6 degrees of seperation that links us to you? who is j?

scissors happy said...

js = jenny strang, my brother's girlfriend. you're welcome for the link! i love your photos.

Anonymous said...

cool, thanks.

plug1=me=plug2s bf

plug2=js's old school freind

i like your site too, especially the pix of marley.