Wednesday, January 03, 2007

i lassoed a real, honest-to-god unicorn

margaret cho has a stand-up show called i'm the one that i want, and all i really remember about it is that she says that on the rare occasions that she meets cute and smart men who also happen to be straight, she wants to ask them, "are you a unicorn?"

i don't wanna gush, but this morning, as pos drove me to work (he's still off for the holidays but had no problem offering to get up and leave my place by 8:00 so that he could sit in traffic), he handed me a sephora bag. i was like "what's this?" and he said that he felt bad that he hadn't been able to find a bottle of burberry weekend or marc jacobs perfume for me for christmas, as i had on my list, which was downsy of him to say, since he got me the entire burberry gift set, which had like five little bottles of all of the perfumes that they make, and i opened the bag and he had bought me a bottle of marc jacobs. i was like "oh my god, you didn't have to do that, i love this, oh my god" and then i was worried that maybe i'm really not as good to him as he is to me (which my mother actually scolded me about over christmas, after he had given her a bouquet of flowers, and i joking asked where mine were, and she was like "hey! you get flowers ALL THE TIME - i hope you know how good you have it. i hope you're nice to him"), so i told him, and he laughed, and he said of course i am good to him, because i make him sammiches.

holy christ, he is a total unicorn.

also: how much do i love that he is a southside irish catholic bluecollar white sox fan who takes me to plays and reads joyce carol oates?

no more dear-diary-i-love-my-boyfriend posts. but i think that he, and his utter unicorn-ness, deserves a shout-out.

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SarahReznor said...

all i can say is aww... and i know how you feel :) :) :)