Sunday, January 28, 2007

insert headline here. make sure it's ironic or punny.

just saw betrayal at the steppenwolf with pos. it was eh. only 70 minutes, the story (told, kinda distractingly, backwards) of a woman who has a seven-year affair with her husband's best friend. it was all dialogue, no one was happy or all that sympathetic, and i didn't really learn anything other than that maybe sleeping with someone who isn't your husband isn't such a great idea. noted.

tc totally made me laugh this week when she sent me this link with the note "your girlfriend is deep." i totally have a girl crush on mandy moore. her new movie with diane keaton as her mom looks lame, and i have no idea why she would slum it with dj am, but i love her. embarrassingly, i have her covers album (cd burned it for me and sheepishly told me that it's pretty great) and i seriously love her version of elton john's "mona lisas and mad hatters."

amusing: hdtv is an awesome invention, except not for porn. i love it when the nyt looks at skanky topics with serious scholarship. thanks for the link, rm.

"another reason to shudder upon entering a wal-mart" was the subjuect line from jmk when he sent me this flickr album. i love that there are 119 photos of utter shite piled up, spilled and randomly thrown throughout the store. grody.

question: is there anyone classier than scott baio? answer: no.

this is actually pretty funny, as it mocks those embarrassing "jay walking" bullshit on-the-street-talking-to-normal-folks late night tv fillers, where you get really depressed because people can name all five backstreet boys but don't know who the vice president is. i wouldn't have known who won dancing with the stars, either.

it was about a year ago that i was vegan for a week. i probably would have done better with it if i had kool punk girls making me cupcakes and teaching me how to make stuff other than boca burgers and trail mix.

new documentary
coming out: crazy man is obsessed with girlfriend, hires some guys to throw lye in her face, goes to prison, serves his time, they get married. pretty standard.

this is pretty interesting: the top-ten stereotypes in film. debating whether buffalo bill was a negative or normalizing portrayal of a gay man is kind of besides the point.

i'm not terribly excited, per se, about the super bowl this year. now that the chicago bears are going to miami to play . . . ummm . . . the colts? . . . next sunday, i am more interested than i usually am, but no, i wouldn't say that i am anxiously awaiting the game. i did hear that the lions outside of the art institute are being fitted for bears helmets, and i seriously need to get down there to see that. anyway, i like super bowl parties for the beer, the food and the commercials. here is a list of the worst super bowl commercials of all time. number three sounds really fucked up and i love that the company sued its advertising agency.

i need to quit smoking. i know this. i have known this for years. my job is actually talking about sending all of us smokers to northwestern hospital for an 8-week cessation class - they pay $150, we pay $100, if we finish the 8 weeks we get $25 back and if we're still not smoking in three months we get the remaining $75. this scientific study was just published, though, that certain brain injuries make smokers forget that they smoke, no withdrawls, no probs. sign me up! i asked pos if he would run me over with his car, concentrating on my head, but he declined.

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