Thursday, February 15, 2007

1-800-flowers sucks

my magical mystical unicorn boyfriend is so fucking pissed at 1-800-flowers that i pity the person who eventually has to deal with him. he ordered me valentine's day flowers (roses, maybe, probably, not sure) like a week ago and actually paid extra to have them delivered on time on valentine's day. he IMed me around 2:00 and casually dropped "so, did anything exciting happen today?" and i was like "not really. i ate a lot of candy" and he said "hmmmmm." he later called my office's 1-800 line and got the member service center, which is actually a cluster of cubicles about 15 feet away from my office and talked to this woman ts, explaining who he was and asking if she could possibly see if i got my flowers yet. i was sitting in my office, totally oblivious, and she popped her head in and said "hi," looked around, and ducked out. finally around 4:00 he called and was like "i didn't want to ruin the surprise, but what the fuck?" he kept calling 1-800-flowers and, like all businesses with amazing customer service, connected him immediately to voicemail, which then disconnected. it's like THEY KNOW that they're horrible and rip you off and they don't even want to hear your complaints, much less deal with them.

what, did the nation's largest florist not realize that they might have a higher-than-average demand for flowers on valentine's day?

i didn't get them today, either. assholes! DO NOT use this company.

poor pos. he's way more mad than i am. i am so happy with the mere gesture, i hope those dickwads never deliver them and give him all of his money back.

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