Wednesday, February 21, 2007

brand new shoes, walking blues/climb the fence, books and pens/i can tell that we are gonna be friends

there's an excellent, raving lunatic rant against cashiers over at les misc. full disclosure: i wrote it.

am sent me this for the headline graphic. god i love the word vag.

here is a blog called "let's be friends" that consists of photos of animals that are unexpectedly hanging out. i vacillate between thinking "oh, that's cute" and "god, Animal People are such nerds." some of the photos are actually really creepy, especially those with ugly monkeys and one that is titled "breakfast in bed." i want a squirrel and possibly a hedgehog, and i think that i really really want a fawn. not a deer. a fawn.

jc, tc and i wrote poems to one another this afternoon to express our frustrations with work. this one is super sad/funny and also brilliantly describes the life of an office drone:

A cry for help.


I have a degree
It sits framed on my bookshelf.
Please acknowledge it.
Please acknowledge me.

i apparently don't have much this week. whatevs. it's my last week of my 20s - i am allowed to forget what i wanted to say. dementia.

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