Thursday, February 01, 2007

mnew mnemonic device for you

i went to text ee last night to see when her episode of jeopardy is on (WHICH IS TOMORROW, BTW. i'm taping it, since chicago plays it at 3:30 in the afternoon and i gots a job) and i was like, "sigh - she's gonna think i'm an idiot for not knowing how to spell jeopardy. i never get it right." and then pos told me that he always remembers how to spell it because it's just like "leopardy," you know, like a leopard, except with a J. that is soooo fucking cute - and retarded! how often are you writing the word "leopardy," pos? hahahahahaha. ps: sorry, baby.

wtf is wrong with blogger? i keep trying to post this article but it keeps mysteriously disappearing from my post. i just want to say that i have invented a new word for black nerds, which is blerds. i love blerds! alert the nyt!

more weird racist comments here. oh, christ, we're gonna be fucked again. can the dems PLEASE - PLEASE - FOR THE LOVE OF GOD - find someone who is worthy of being president, if not electable? please? apparently sen. biden isn't it. he said that obama is "the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy." CHRIST, dude, i don't care how out of context you claim to have been, this is NOT HELPING.

also totally mind-boggling-over-how-retarded-people-can-be: fucking please. people are so scared of things that they see as affronts to their religious beliefs - you know, like dinosaurs and yoga. yeah, teaching kids to stretch and breathe are really dangerous ideas. i do want to sit in on a PraiseMoves class sometime, though. jesus would totally do yoga if he were still around. it fits in with his hippie lifestyle perfectly.

jmk sent this collection of photos of the five scariest roads in the world. no shit. hk and i went to costa rica for my 26th bday and missed the bus to manuel antonio, so we paid some guy what amounted to about $30 to drive us for three hours on a terrifying mountain road with no gaurd rails. hk turned to me at one point and said, "my parents would be so fucking mad at me if they knew about this." AND jmk sent this link, which proves that british media are so much more informative and amusing than the american media could ever hope to be.

aqua teen hunger force was confusing to me at first (like, why is it called that, and is that seriously a meatball, and why am i strangely drawn to the meatball, etc) but i think it's damn funny. even more funny: that boston basically shut down yesterday because lit advertisements of one of the show's aliens giving the finger made everyone panic. thanks to ecf for the link. hoping that it's just as funny: sarah silverman has a new show starting tonight, i do believe, on comedy central. oh, and jmk just sent me a breaking news update - the two guys who installed the athf promos and were arrested were just released, and they held a press conference where all they did is basically fuck with the press.

paris hilton is a midwestern high school wrestler? also, i love that the strain is a deviation of the word "gladiator" - like wrestling giving you herpes wasn't gay enough already.

i want a kitty and can't have one. but now i can have this. does it come in overweight orange?

i don't watch soaps (but i did for a week last year as a part of the dearly departed "do something new each week" campaign that i dropped as soon as it got warm out), but the best week ever blog has kept me up to date on zarf, the best soap character since timmy. watch all of his/her clips here.

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