Tuesday, February 20, 2007

she eyes me like a pisces when i am weak

kurt would have been 40 today. this was texted to me by my sister, but i knew already. we both care about this - we always have. lots of people still care. it's funny to be so old and still feel like a 17-year-old. i'm a pisces, too - i'm turning 30 next monday. to celebrate, pos and i are going to new york to hang out with my peeps, go see talk radio, stay in a fancy hotel for a night, walk around central park, drink, eat, and have basically a nice close to a very long and sometimes strange decade. i think of who i was at 20 and wonder if my 30-year-old self will be totally unrecognizable but still so accessible when i'm turning 40. i have very few qualms about turning 30. i don't look it, act it, or feel it, and i feel bad that pos has to be seven years older than me for a few months, so i'll take it.

my friend jh sent me an email reminding me that there was still time to prove right all those who thought that i wouldn't live to see 30.

i now know what i missed (didn't miss) at the white castle valentine's day dinner because thighs wide shut blogged about it. i really like that site - excellent really weird references linked all ovah tha place.

i'm pretty excited about the movie breach because i was fairly obsessed by the robert hanssen spy case when it first came out. i heart the washington post madly - i was a total addict when i lived in dc because they always cover the coolest shit and i still read it online every day. the international spy museum in dc has a robert hanssen exhibit, too - that's a rad museum. read all about the movie and the case here.

pos is currently taking photos of one of his watches to sell on ebay. i need to get him to sell some of the shit i no longer need/want. goodwill has a new service that is just like ebay, which is a great idea. click here to check it out.

despite my participation in the dead pool, i really do feel for people who die untimely deaths. the anna nicole smith drugged out of her mind and in clown makeup video that hit the internet yesterday makes me seriously depressed, and i don't find much glee in britney spears' recent descent into utter madness. this makes me sad, too - another model died of malnutrition. this one is actually the sister of one of the models who just died (i think she was one on the diet coke and apples diet, not the lettuce and water). it's sick to hear her handlers make excuses. sorry, bitches, but 18-year-olds don't just die of heart attacks.

no more for today. no more!!!

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murphy said...

nyc is eagerly awaiting your birthday wrath.