Monday, February 05, 2007

so . . . cold. so . . . very . . . c . . . o . . . l . . . d . . .

this is what i wore today (it was nine below, wind chill thirty fucking below): a pair of tights, a pair of socks, corduroys, boots, tank top, shirt, long sweater, scarf under my sweater, puffy down-filled coat, ginormous wool scarf over my coat, fleece gloves, wool goves over the other pair, wool hat with ear flaps. i looked crazy and was still cold. i want a facemask with only eyeholes, but that's only cute on children - it makes you look like you're gonna rob a bank if you're an adult.

i don't really watch snl anymore, other than youtube clips before nbc orders them removed. apparently drew barrymore hosted this weekend, and here are two funny sketches: a pitch-perfect 1984 jazzercise home video, and the dakota fanning show. still not funny enough for me to not actually have a social life on saturday nights.

jmk sent me this link, where you are instructed to click on european countries to test your map skillz. man, i'm retarded. i hope no one ever asks me to point out anything other than italy (it's that boot-lookin thing), russia (it's rilly rilly big) or the countries that get a lot of play (united kingdom, ireland, spain, germany). i can't even find croatia without a bunch of hints - my mean croat granny would say something shitty to me if she knew. i mean, more shitty than what she usually says.

saw the body worlds 2 exhibit at the museum of science and industry this weekend with pos, his brother, his sister-in-law, and their three kids. it's awesome to get the opinions of a six-year-old girl on plasticized corpses, especially when they're arranged as if they are ice skating or skiing. i have seen cadavers in anatomy labs, so i wasn't totally grossed out, but i was fairly disturbed. the fetus room was creepy, especially with the corpse of a woman who died when she was five months pregnant. pos' neice told me matter-of-factly at nearly each body "i can see his penis." more interesting to me than the human bodies was the huge cut-open camel that they had on display. they left his humps intact, though, which disappointed me, as i really want to know what's in there. that black eyed peas song "my humps" makes me want to stab myself in the face, though, i hate it so much.

one of my new obsessions is dunkin donuts coffee. starbucks tastes like wet batteries and costs half-a-pack-of-smokes (how i measure all non-necessities), and i can get a $3 lunch at dd if i am broke (an everything bagel with egg and cheese with a medium coffee). when i stay at pos' on wednesday nights, i congratulate myself for getting up super early and enduring the bus/train/bus commute by buying a cup of coffee at the dunkin donuts stand at the midway el stop. my mummy even mailed me a dd coupon book that is, for real, amazing - free this, fifty-cent that. speaking of coupons, i got a really random one on the back of my banquet frozen dinner i had for lunch today (on sale at the jewel for $1 - this is for when i am SUPER broke) - a free game at a participating bowling alley. their ad was "family time on our dime." if you're feeding your kids banquet frozen turkey dinners, a free bowling outing is not going to make you a better parent. but i digress - it is now an established fact that cheap fast-food coffee is better than the gourmet "lifestyle" coffee that a barista overcharges for you.

something i learned this week: what a spermophile is. i had to wikipedia it for proof. it's because it's a "seed lover." and because squirrels are sluts.

two trailers that jmk sent me: aqua teen hunger force colon movie film for theaters (the premier should sooo be in boston) and the fast track. the fast track features zach braff (eh), jason bateman (yay), and lots of what appears to be a lot of disabled jokes. brahahahah - nuthin funnier than a wheelchair!!!! that was sarcasm. he also sent this faux commercial for tickle me emo, which i quite enjoyed.

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Eric Anderson said...

chandra and I saw the drew barrymore snl this weekend with friends (i say that as to qualify that we were not home alone watching snl; that make us less lame). the jazzercise video was a gem. also good was the job interview skit, which unfortunately I can't find anywhere on-line.

anyways, enjoying the mix CD and staying off the meth.