Tuesday, March 20, 2007

back in the mw

well, friends, all i have to say is that you should come with me to sxsw next year. get a plane ticket and a hotel room, budget for some tex mex and beer, and you're set. you don't need to buy a wristband ($175 for four days), although it would be helpful to get into the big-name shows, but we didn't and got to see plenty of quality bands (ten bucks here, three dollars there, and many for free). best yet, some places just hand out free beer and food (all you have to do is rsvp for some parties online, or hit a place that doesn't have a liquor license, like the kool outsider art gallery yard dog, where i drank way too many free cans of pbr) - it's one long hangout weekend where everyone is friendly and happy and there are too many bands to choose from.

highlights: bob mould (pos is a fan), beth ditto from the gossip yanking off her wig and dress and dancing around in her (quite large) panties and bra, a surprise show by the polyphonic spree (i was there to see margot and the nuclear so and so's, but they got moved to a bar next door), a russian folk band called zee grass playing a bbq joint while we ate dinner, west indian girl playing in a tent in the parking lot of an irish pub . . . all really good. there were bands that i wasn't all that into (the austin electronic band the octopus project was annoying, les claypool's band lost my attention after their first song, which was about going to burning man, i had to watch the ponys yet again and still don't like them). and of course i saw bands that i never quite caught the name of and thought were just fine.

we ended up staying at a cheap (and gross, go figure) motel about five miles north of downtown. pos and i got back to the room around 2 am on thursday and passed daniel johnston chainsmoking outside of his room and then backtracked to get our photo taken with him. we watched the devil and daniel johnston not too long ago and, while i try not to be a star-struck imbecile (js pointed out the starfucker perez hilton buzzing about beauty bar on saturday night when we couldn't get in to see the pipettes - a downside for not coughing up the cash for the wristband i previously said that you don't need - and i hope that no one acknowledged him because i think he's grating), daniel johnston warranted a photo op. he called me marjorie and said "lookin good!" and his handler/guitarist told me to kiss him for the photo, which made him very shy (in case you are unfamiliar, daniel is seriously unbalanced). the photo is funny because pos is standing to the side, smiling, but clearly not wanting to get too close, and daniel is looking down and away, bashfully, as i kiss his cheek. he reeked of nicotine and was very nice but not quite all there - his band spoke for him, for the most part, and i don't think that he understood that i wasn't marjorie, even though i told him my name when i shook his hand. sad. weird. awkward. rad.

austin itself is a really nice town and we got to drive out to the oasis on gorgeous lake travis with tb and js, since they were smart and rented a car. oh, and the best-ever airport food is at the salt lick in the austin airport.

the above photo is a sticker on the outside of the women's room at emo's. pos and i shared a good laugh over that one.

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