Thursday, March 22, 2007

best protest sign ever.

i am not alone in my appreciation for the gossip's show at sxsw. beth ditto has an amazing voice, and is quite the entertainer. i mean that in complete sincerity. she's rad, and it's nice to finally see someone clearly not give a fuck that she is not cookie-cutter cute. all of the comments posted about the photo are interesting - people can be really cruel and immature (especially when typing anonymously).

the onion
's av club speaks to p.o.s. (must be the meaning behind the sticker from the last post). p.o.s. is a rapper; pos is my bf. still unsure as to what p.o.s. stands for - pos stands for paddy o's-startingirishlastname. his dad is as old as my granny and moved to canada from ireland when he was in his late teens, moved to buffalo for a few years and ended up in chicago, where he met pos' mom (who is almost 20 years younger). he still has the thick brogue - the first time we went to dinner i just kept smiling and saying "i'm sorry, what?" because i would catch like 1/4 of what he was telling me. despite this, he hearts me, because we drink tea and watch tv together and he tells me funny stories about rebel rousing in the 50s.

after pos chose eva green as his one exemption to our relationship (meaning on the highly likely chance that he can have sex with her, i can't get mad when he does), i kept telling pos "oh, he might be my one" or "he's a candidate for my one" and he told me to just pick someone and be done with it, so i decided that wayne coyne is my one. i love wayne - he's a super rads gravel-voiced midwestern weirdo who wrote the most beautiful album ever recorded and makes trippy kitschy robot art. and i think that he's super hott. rumor has it that he will be on leno (ew) tonight to report on his sxsw experience, and pitchfork reports that yoshimi will be a broadway musical. very excited.

jmk sent me this from the new yorker, and it's super funny. i have a solid 8 months' worth of new yorkers gathering dust in my front room that i swear i will get to. they come every week, for crissakes.

jl sent me this extended music video/short film called "sweep the leg" that is amusing. the song is kinda retarded, but its complete love and reverence for the karate kid is quite amazing. cobra kai rules!

rm sent me this article that attempts to unravel the mystery of the guy who reportedly claimed that a unicorn crashed his truck. apparently there was a misunderstanding, but i don't believe this shoddy explanation. a unicorn did crash his truck. they're just covering their tracks because they know that no one can handle the truth. their unicorn hoof tracks.

inbreeding makes white tigers literally retarded: click here. i don't know, i think he's kinda cute. i still love that roy claims that montecore (who, incidentally, has his own wiki page) was trying to help him off stage after he had suffered an aneurysm, and not that his aneurysm was caused by a white tiger fucking mauling him. and i love the name montecore.

by the way, i just found this on the siegfried & roy wiki page and it's just too weird not to share:

They met in 1959 when they both found work on a German ocean liner. Siegfried was a burlesque dancer and Roy a janitor. Siegfried began performing magic for some of the passengers, eventually being thrown off the boat for exposing his genitalia, with Roy as his assistant. Unknown to the crew, Roy had smuggled a Puerto Rican stable boy named Chico aboard the vessel. Roy had come to know Chico from his frequent visits to the Bremen zoo.

here's a whole lotta crazy. i love that the reporter is like "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!?!" when she eats the boric acid and smooths it through her hair. i would totally party with her - she's like aileen wuornos' long-lost sister.

i used to really love rem - like, LOVE them. i thought michael stipe was the sexiest mofo evah (this has since changed). the cult of stipe is a large one . . . but don't forget about nerdy little mike mills. this woman has his portrait tattooed on her chest. pure klass. click here for more band tattoos - some interesting, most bad, a few horrific.

we get to wear jeans to work tomorrow. for no special reason. i know that i have been beaten into submission because when i got the email today i was like "awesome!" you know what would be awesome? not thinking that this is awesome.

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