Sunday, March 25, 2007

countdown to the quit

the time has come. it's been over 12 years that i have been an every-day smoker. i "smoked" in high school, but it wasn't until college that i actually became a smoker. other than the three months in 2002 that i quit, i have smoked every day many times (usually half a pack, which i have considered a very manageable addiction, especially since there were years that i smoked a pack plus daily). i smoked when i had bronchitis and bad colds. i've gone out in blizzards to buy a pack. the first pack i ever bought, when i was 14, cost $1.19. a pack of camel lights in chicago runs me about $7.25. if i smoke four packs a week, that's about $30 a week. that's over $1500 a year. that's pathetic. that's a kick-ass overseas vacation. that's a really nice laptop. that's a marc jacobs handbag - and not even a marc by marc jacobs. so i've spent, easily, over $12,000 on cigarettes. that literally makes me want to vomit.

they're always trying to implement new health initiatives at work - they handed out pedometers, we can have an extra 15 minutes after lunch if we spend it walking, we get free health screenings every year. the new plan is for all of the smokers to take an 8-week class, part support-group and part educational class, to quit. they're paying for half of it and if we quit they'll reimburse us for the other half. i actually missed last week's, which was the first class, but i am joining in tomorrow. rumor has it that the actual quit date for us all is april 2.

first step: i smoked my last camel light this afternoon, and then bought a pack or marlboro lights at the gas station. i hate marlboro lights - they taste like ass. so when i have to get some nicotine, i'm not going to enjoy it.

i'm basically only typing this all up (no links, no jokes) to have some sort of accountability. it's probably really boring, but i'm not lame enough to have a blog AND to lie on it (just having a blog is nerdy enough), so if it helps me quit, that's good enough.

gonna smoke a marlb (ick) and go to bed. wish me luck.


Anonymous said...

you can do it!

Katie said...

good luck! and good luck to pos... i remember well the brief quitting back in the day. ;)

SP said...

yay! good for you, and I think the accountability and the class at work will be a huge help.

Miss Misc said...

Hurry up and do the program before it disappears like everything else our company offers us as "perks."

P.S. You are one of the few smokers I know who never smells like smoke.

TR said...

Very well written & thoughtful entry.

In recent posts, I've been reflecting (with a mix of nostalgia & gratitude) on my recovery from nicotine addiction. Check them out at my blogsite. They may help.

tc said...

yah kb! i'm so proud of you.