Wednesday, March 14, 2007

i have 85 channels and all i ever watch is 'law and order' marathons

everyone knows that this is ridiculous and A LIE because unicorns only do magic and good deeds. thanks to sp and kk for knowing that i would be infuriated by this breaking news story.

jms sent the accompanying photo telling me that i clearly got the herps from the vag cake and i didn't need to hang flyers all around town.

sp sent me this and it's hy-ster-ical. those emo kids better watch out - mcgruff is totally on to them and their arm-cutting, lyrics-writing, black-shirt-wearing emotional lifestyle choice. my mom totally talks like these people, btw. they're all so INSIGHTFUL - like how when you have a stylish haircut that hangs in your eyes it's so you only have to see half of the pain of the world. the emo points system rules, and i can't believe that no one who was associated with the production of this news story could sense the underlying jokes in any of this. sigh.

but maybe all of those kids are a little too death-obsessed: this is creepy.

saw tv on the radio last night - it was great. we saw them in october and it was a good show, but i liked this one a bit more because i'm more familiar with the album, which was a critical favorite for 2006. it didn't win the village voice pazz and jop poll - bob zzzzz dylan did - and the artwork they published with the poll didn't go over very well. i told pos last night that kyp malone, the guitarist for tvotr, might be "my one" - as in, who i would be able to have sex with and not have it be held against me for cheating. pos chose eva green (he has great taste) and i never got around to naming one, as i told him that he was my one, but also because, like, who can choose? so i was like "kyp is soooo cute - he might be my one" and pos said "you think he's cute? how can you even tell?" hahahaha. i like the beard/afro/horn-rimmed-glasses combo.

now that i am dating a southsider, and i have spent time in this much-misunderstood enclave, i found that this website (a totally extended advertisement for the white sox) to be helpful for my fellow northsiders. did you know that southsiders use the same kind of money, have food, and your cell will work should you venture to the other side of the loop? for reals. don't be scaird.

i'm off to austin for sxsw. a bunch of us chicago folks are headed down for music, beer, bbq, and warm weather. i will not, unfortunately, and despite what jmk thought, be flying on this airline.

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