Thursday, March 29, 2007

"if i could be one thing i'd be a cigarette/so close to your lips/so full of regret"

i went to marshall's for lunch to look for a present (can't talk about it yet but most def will when i can, because what i found was utterly amazing) and ended up also looking for a new sumthin sumthin to wear to eb's bachelorette party in philly this weekend. i don't wear mumus or bright red shirts with APPLE BOTTOMS printed on them in gold, so i wandered over to the junior's section, which i never find anything in. i don't even bother looking at pants anymore, too, unless i need capris, because i need to go online to find pants that fit my stature. anyway, with the current trend of super-long shirts and layers, i have been having better luck (i ought to stock up on a lifetime supply of long tank tops and shirts while i can), and i found a really rad red-and-black striped shirt that's long and looks good. i also tried on a pink shirt with small silver stars all over it. i didn't end up buying it because it didn't look very good on me, and i am only telling you this because it was made by a company called self-esteem, which made me start laughing when i looked at the tag (which was shaped like a butterfly and was all hologrammy). the fact that it didn't fit right actually did not destroy my feelings of self-worth, and i left the shirt at the store to be picked up by an actual junior.

started taking chantix and have cut down a lot on the smokes - about 5 a day. monday, my quit day, is looming. the med side-effect of vivid dreams is cool - my dreams have been very busy the past two nights. one involved my sister and took place in denver, and my dream last night had pos and i in india. i take it back when i complained that chantix is too expensive - i get to travel to lands near and far, and it's (i hope?) healthier than tripping on acid.

thank god my wife died? these books' titles totally made me laugh (link found on mj's blog). i want them to hire me to write ALL of these books. even if none of them apply to me, i bet i could do it, and i bet it would be hella fun to sit down and be like "today i get to write about my experiences as a drug-addicted prostitute." these are the modern-day answer to the book go ask alice, which was total propaganda that backfired: i used to read it all the time in the seventh grade and couldnt wait until i was old enough to score some drugs, because this book made them sound awesome.

dear netflix, you make me happy, and now i want to work for you.

tb had free passes to go see blades of glory last night but couldn't make it, so pos and i went. thanks tb! it was super funny. like, dumb, obvious-joke, ridiculous-costume, nice-cameos funny. pos thought it was retarded, but he was laughing. i never saw talladega nights, but i am a fan of anchorman, and it was just as good as that. better than kicking and screaming, but then again, most movies are. here is an article about how they got the gay jokes right.

speaking of skating, how did i miss this show?

and, finally: she must be a total size queen.


Tamara said...

I was wondering if you could tell me the name of the song you quoted in your post on this date. I've been trying to find the name of the song and artist for some time, and your blog is the only thing I keep coming across. Thanks for your time, and I hope you were successful in your attempt to quit smoking! Happy New Year.

scissors happy said...

hey tamara,

it is "cigarette" by lael alderman, from the permanent midnight soundtrack. it's a great song.

and yep, i did quit.

happy new year to you too!