Tuesday, March 27, 2007

one of my med's side-effects: vivid dreams. awesome!

thanks for all of your sweet messages about me quitting smoking. i keep telling everyone i'm done april 2, so now i'm gonna have to, cuz i ain't no liar.

so here's the deal - i just picked up my prescription to chantix, a new stop-smoking drug. i tried zyban in 2002, which was a total mess. it made me stop caring about smoking, sure, but it also made me stop caring about work, hanging out with friends, and life in general. not that i was suicidal - i was just one flatlined gray area. when i quit the zyban (which is basically just wellbutrin, an anti-depressant, which fucks with you if you're not depressed) after a month and started smoking two months after that, lots of my friends were like "um, not to encourage your terrible habit or anything, but thank god."

chantix isn't brain-altering per se - it prevents nicotine from attaching to your brain receptors, but then somehow makes you not crave it, either. yeah, i don't know. i guess it's like the anti-opiate implant that totally didn't work for pete doherty, or the drug they give hardcore alcoholics that makes them violently ill when they drink, but minus the pain. supposedly, after a week, i'll try smoking and just think it's grody. so, uhh, we'll see how this works. it has the highest success rate of any stop-smoking drugs (44 percent). and since it's new, it isn't covered by insurance. which means that i just dropped $246.78 at walgreens for a two-month supply. alls i gots to say about that is that you better fucking work, bitch.

just one more quit-smoking thing for today: i saved this off of msn a while ago, and part of my Grand Plan to Quitting is that when i usually go outside to have a smoke at work (at 10, noon, 1 and 3), i'm going to go walk around the block instead. it's the little things, people. i basically have to stop doing what i do every single day at the same time, and i am a creature of habit.

anyway . . .

i have a new nomination for the worst tattoo i have ever seen (click here) but the first photo on this page is probably the worst collage/collection of band tattoos i have ever seen (both for subjects as well as artwork).

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