Wednesday, April 04, 2007


pos and i saw snow patrol at the aragon monday. i bought those tickets as part of his christmas present; i got them in november. it's awesome that i bought him tickets to an event two months into our relationship that was happening five months later. the show was really good. i know that they're not the koolest band ever, and it was definately girls-and-their-boyfriends night (as well as 16-year-olds from the suburbs night), but it was fun, and gordon lightbody has an awesome voice, and i like them a lot. ok go opened - i liked seeing them more at a smaller venue - they seem too cheesy bigtime rockstar when they have, like, a light show.

a couple people sent this to me. apparently i have the same temperment as a misunderstood gay 8-year-old boy (some examples would include that we have the same taste in music and that when we are upset we transport ourselves to unicorn fantasy lands). give it up for feathers - heyyy.

ecf sent this awesome photo gallery to get everyone ready for the impending summer cook-out season. thirty-pound burger - mmmmm. i can barely digest a quarter-pounder with cheese without my pseudo-vegetarian stomach getting really really mad at me.

video: donnie osmond acts like a bastard on jimmy kimmel's show, and it's actually pretty funny.

i don't have hbo and have always made it a point to catch it when i can, but now i am fully caught up: here is the entire first six seasons of the sopranos in seven minutes. funny and cool.

this week: i quit smoking (and am therefore achy, itchy, nauseous from my meds and crazy), my assistant quit (she got a really great job, it wasn't that i was a shitty boss . . . i think), the president of my company (who i really love and is awesome) was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer (pretty much the worst you can have), my apartment's a mess, i am exhausted, and winter won't go away. and it's only wednesday. tears.

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