Thursday, April 05, 2007

possible side effects include sudden mood swings and super bitchiness.

who's afraid of virginia woolf? is my favorite play, and i had never seen it performed. i was sooo ecstatic when the broadway revival came to chicago for, like, two weeks. kathleen turner as martha? fucking rads! i bought pos and i tickets and we went last night, after he bought me a very nice dinner, and there was utter madness at the schubert theater (it was purchased by la salle bank and is now referred to as the la salle bank theater, but homie don't play that corporate re-naming shit), because kathleen was sick and her understudy was playing her role. hundreds of people were crammed into the lobby and in lines to get refunds or exchanges for a different performance (the chicago run ends on like saturday, so i don't know when these people think they're going to be attending). we ended up staying because i love that play, and it's really kinda creepy that all of these people were pretty much only there to watch kathleen turner. don't get me wrong, she is awesome (serial mom is a much-loved film in my family), and i bet she would have made an amazing, brash, hysterical martha, but it's not like you should be such a starfucker that you absolutely insist that you see her perform or else you want your money back. her understudy was a fantastic actress and the whole play was just sooo good - it is so biting and snappy and horrible and fascinating and amazing. the actor who played george made me like his character so much more than how i usually read him - he was so ineffectual and lame but quietly, sneakily evil and brilliant. argh, i love this play sooo much it's actually getting embarrassing to write all of this "dear diary, i have a new crush" rambling. i will say this, though: i bet kathleen will get a few ransom notes reading "i'll get you, pussyface!" for being too ill to perform.

three super-awesome things on this page: phil spector is lookin mighty fine, johnny sweeps the leg (he seriously directed that?) and another reason why david bowie is awe-inspiringly rad.

a coyote walked into a quiznos sub shop in downtown chicago and jumped up into the drinks cooler. so weird. read this and be sure to watch the video - the coyote has this clear "what? leave me alone. you're retarded for staring at me" look on his face, and i love the reaction of the animal control guy when he is clearly embarrassed to be asked such a stupid question. and then you have to watch this cheese-tastic news story about him and his release back to nature. it's awesome when he runs into a pole. dumbest. coyote. ever.

i am convinced that NOTHING GOOD can or will ever come out of craigslist (other than the impending nuptials of eb and bq - for reals! that's how they met! they're so brave!). click here for one example. go to my old apartment and meet my ex-roommate for another example.

i'm quite fond of this blog, typebrighter. its "really bad tattoos" series is unparalleled. they added a new page. check out all six parts with, i swear to god, ink that makes me fear others, their stupidity, their apparent hatred of women in general and the vag in particular, and their utterly horrific sense of fashion.

i just spent a really long time typing up a really soul-searching and thought-provoking paragraph about how i haven't smoked in four days and what this means and how i am dealing, and motherfucking just deleted it when i tried to post. GOD. time for bed.


Anonymous said...

you are the koolest. for reals.

erica said...

me and my honey met on craigslist AND found our bedside tables there too! so there are three great things to come from CL. it was great to see you this wknd... smooches!