Thursday, April 12, 2007

ps: i'm kidding about the "give me presents" thing.

i had 99 visitors to scissors happy yesterday. and this is because people do google image searches for tattoos (it's funny to read the search queries when i check my site meter - bad tattoos and worst tattoos and unicorn tattoos). apparently, people are very interested in researching other people's ink (as am i). this horrible tattoo i posted not too long ago gets viewed a lot. to keep the trend going, here is a really really stupid tattoo. maybe i'll hit 100 visitors now.

i haven't smoked in 11 days. i don't miss cigarettes. i don't even think about it all that often anymore (those first few days were brutal, but it has since tapered off). it's because of the chantix. i will be on it for at least two months, and by that time i doubt that i will have any big desires to go waste my money on the only legal product that, when used correctly, kills you. also: i don't want to become one of those self-righteous ex-smokers, because god knows i loved smoking, and i doubt that i will ever be able to have a cup of tea or a beer without thinking that it would be SO MUCH BETTER if i could just have a cig with it, but all that's over.

one very sad element to my quitting smoking is that no one has given me any "congratulations" presents yet. i'm sorry, but this was about four hundred times harder than graduating from high school, and i recall that i got lots of great shit when i did that.

more details have emerged from the ladyastronaut's arrest: not only is she into wearing a diaper, she also likes bondage. ah, journalists who usually cover nasa finally have something to write about that people are interested in.

i'm sorry, but tony randall having babies at the age of 77 (with his 26-year-old wife, no less) is just gross. here is an article about old men having kids who will never get to be adults and have their dads around (but it probably helps that they're all wealthy). the photo of the dad (age 69) with his daughter (age 10) on page 2 is funny/creepy - is he dead already? also, i really like the article's title - to the point, and unintentionally funny.

i found a link off of mj's blog called "how many of me?" - you enter your first and last name and see how many people in the US have your name. as for my first name, there are 76,903 of us. for the last name, 16,527. however, there are only 4 people with the same name as me. (one of them, i'd like to point out, registered our name as her URL, and she is a no-nonsense-looking real estate agent in ohio). i checked out pos' name, as his, i would think, would be more common, but only 9,530 people in america have his last name (less than i would think) and there are 19 people with his full name (his first name is pretty common - 591,094). i decided to test the website's accuracy, so i typed in jc's full name, as she has a very unusual and pretty name, and it said that there were 0 people with her first name and therefore 0 people with her full name in america. i know that this is false because i see her almost every day and she does indeed exist. so take it for what it's worth and check it out, if only for fucking-around-wasting-time purposes.

the lollapalooza 2007 lineup was announced. random list, but awesome. looking forward to seeing quite a few of these bands for the first time, especially amy winehouse, regina spektor, and iggy & the stooges, plus lots of really great bands that i have seen before and love love love. my peeps from new york are coming out for the weekend, including rm, who i don't think has been to chicago before. i promise to make her love it, and to feed her corndogs.

i am not excited for pearl jam as a headliner (zzzzzzz) and thought it was funny to see silverchair on the list. in other 1992 news, pos and i saw chris cornell at the metro last night. he has a gorgeous voice (and face) - i have him doing "ave maria" and it's really beautiful - and it was fun to hear a random sampling of soundgarden, audioslave and solo stuff (including a cover of "billie jean"). got to hear "burden in my hand," which i love. however, i don't know what the metro was thinking - the show was clearly over-sold. there were packs of people standing everywhere - spilling out of the room and blocking the stairs, filling up all of the bar areas, and the balcony was about six people deep. we ended up on the floor but scrunched into a corner back by a bar, but i could barely see, and i am a tall person. i love going to shows, and i don't mind if it's crowded, but that was retarded-packed. so the show was just okay. as pos said, it just made him miss his old bands.

i love kurt vonnegut and i am very sorry that he died. i feel guilty for putting him on my dead pool list, but so it goes (his death makes my grand total 100 now - about 50 points away from being in first place). i'm going to re-read some of my favorite vonneguts this year (the best is welcome to the monkeyhouse, a flawless collection of short stories). lots of good obits and tributes are out - check out this one, which te sent me, and the ny times article.

umm, why was it snowing yesterday?


SP said...

I literally gasped and started crying when I heard the Vonnegut story on NPR this morning, and had to call my sister. This story was really good too.,,2055623,00.html

I saw Regina Spektor at the 9:30 this fall. So good! And she has a cute personality too.

Anonymous said...

wow i'm reading your blog today. interesting.

I also recall that you were at one time, and may still be, a huge fan of the band Live (yes, that band... Live).

you know, "Live" (zzzzzzzzzzzz).

you SHOULD get presents for not smoking for 11 whole days.

- TB

rm said...

This will be my first time to Chicago. You're always popping my cherry.

Way too many same-named people as me - 1,037! 648,425 for the first name (73rd most popular and 99.9% are female - I want to meet .1%) and 482,549 for the last name (41st most popular).

Miss Misc said...

Haha!! I'm unique, I'm unique. Now when I tell men that I'm unique and they'll never find another woman like me, I'll know it's true and I have the evidence to back it up. Thanks dude. That's so going on my dating profile.