Monday, April 23, 2007

watching 'taxicab confessions' on mute is just as good as with the sound on, i am currently discovering.

been busy. distracted and sad about the doggy and busy. quitting smoking really fucking sucks and drives you insane (like, i have no attention span and i swear to god i think i have a slight stutter now, and i am emotionally a little bit fwagile). but it is also really easy, because all you do is not smoke. it's been 21 days. whoot.

sp told me that she wanted to look at a link on my blog this weekend but didn't have it bookmarked at home, so she searched for "bad tattoo cigarette unicorn" and, as she said, "oddly enough, your page was the first one that came up." that's rad. i might get a tattoo to celebrate my quitting smoking - it will be a unicorn made out of cigarettes. or a unicorn smoking. or how about a unicorn whose horn is a camel light . . .

sp also sent this to me and asked if this means that we have to hate tv on the radio now. i say no, but it does sort of make me weep a little bit. i'm sure that rep. mchenry sang along to "dry drunk emperor." to his credit, at least he wasn't trying to dress like a normal person going to see a band.

jmk sent this and said "if there is a god, it wants her dead." no shit.

rm sent me a website called "contemptster" that is a lot like jc's blog, les misc. i like this page. i promise that i will never be this person. if anything, if i am staring at you it's because i am jealous.

do you want to see where your taxes go? i mean, it's unpleasant, you know. click here. from jmk.

tb sent this to me because, as my three-years-older-brother, he witnessed my militant devotion to sassy and knows that i still revere it as one of the very few influences i had for a life beyond the lameness that was growing up in a rural wisconsin town. (growing up pre-internet was hard, yo). while other 14-year-olds i knew were breeding pigs for the 4-H fair and buying stone washed jeans at fashion bug, i was desperately awaiting the day i could pack up my michael stipe posters and cure t-shirts and get the fuck out of there. i was once made fun of for wearing a hole shirt, and not even because courtney is a horrible person - it was black with a silver heart and said hole in red glitter using the barbie font, and some fried-permed loser who is probably now the mommy of four and divorced was like "your shirt is dumb. you have a hole in your heart?" nice try, tard. anyway, jane magazine triedtriedtried and really just sucksucksucked, and i am so over how self-obsessed jane pratt is ("i fucked drew barrymore once!!! just like every other famous person in 1992!!!"), but sassy was fucking rad and i know that my parents are counting down the days until i finally remove all of the plastic storage bins containing the detritus of my youth from their basement, including about five years' worth of sassy magazines. the book has its own website here.

ecf sent this out, citing how bad it has gotten for the bush administration when the brigham young kids are protesting you, and i totally understood this article until the last sentence, which totally blew my mind in its awesomeness and incomprehensibility. best quote EVER.

taking the protest to the street. err, the interstate. click here.

okay, time for bed. going to dc on wednesday for six days. nice.

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SP said...

wow, two shout outs. i am totally famous. also, i think the BYU mascot is the cougar, so the students are the "cougars" in the quote--and they don't "cut corners" by cutting across the lawn.