Wednesday, May 23, 2007

current reading: nick hornby's "a long way down." current listening: the new feist. current obsession: bad food court chinese and sushi.

i saw an older lame dude in a plaid button-down driving his silver mercedes convertible on lake shore drive this week. the license plate said "no hope." you know what would be even funnier than a rich guy driving around with an oh-so-tongue-in-cheek vanity plate? if he drove it straight into a shelter for homeless children with cancer. THAT shit would be HYSTERICAL. i thought that only yacht owners were such obvious pricks about "poking fun" at how much goddamn money they have. i guess i was wrong - at least those smug bastards just hang out at the harbor with their other asshole boat-owner friends.

ea and cl sent me this awesome collection of crazy crochet art. my favorite is, naturally, the evil unicorn, but the "handycap" series and "eat art" are creepy/rad.

good thing it really doesn't matter what you say to the press when promoting your film. love conquers all, including deeply-held convictions, apparently. thanks to jmk for forwarding this story, which i would call ironic if i thought that he was anything more than a hyperbolic insincere sleep-inducing hack.

bush and his staff are just a bunch of fucking bitches. leave jimmy carter alone! he rules.

jms is my hero because he has carved out a lucrative and rad career for himself by selling used books and cds on amazon, and has inspired me to sell off all of the extra crap that i don't need and/or even like. when i was home last month i grabbed a large plastic storage bin from my parents' basement, full of my old college texts and novels, with the express purpose of selling them. i went through the box last night, typing each book's ISBN number into amazon to see how much the going rate is, and was pretty disappointed to see that only four or five of the entire box were worth more than $3 (some were worth 40 cents or even just one measly penny). tucked inside some of the books, however, was pure magic. like the note i had left my roommate and her boyfriend, asking them to tape 120 minutes for me, and the pay stub from spring break 1996 that i spent working at target - $157.65 for a week's work after taxes. i made a whopping $5.42 an hour. god, that fucking sucks!!! i'm sure at the time i was thrilled for the extra cash and bought a carton of smokes and yet another black nin t-shirt. flipping through all of these old books, i was amazed to think back to the time when i spent hours reading about hinduism and women artists from antiquity and other stuff that seems totally removed from the life that i now lead, and how it's sad that i not only forgot 99 percent of everything i learned but that now i spend hours reading retardo celebrity gossip blogs and downloading mp3s when i'm not doing mind-numbing unexciting careerlady shit. sigh - getting old and dumb. so comfortable, and pretty disappointing.

and, finally: this is awesome - it's 8 mins long, but totally fascinating. buffalo vs lions vs crocodiles. guess who wins?

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