Thursday, May 03, 2007

the dc post

so i haven't smoked in over a month. i got some rad presents for this - eb and bq got me a good vs. evil unicorn playset, and pos got me a "you did it!" beanie baby (he was like "i knew you would think it was retarded. that's why i bought it") and flowers and a sweet card and a handheld nerd sudoku game. you should totally smoke for 12 years and then quit so that you, too, can get presents.

my trip to dc was rad. i got to do some hill stuff (including a visit to obama's office - he wasn't there, but we talked to his staff) and went to meetings, including a dinner at the watergate, but really i was happy to be there to see a buncha friends and go to my favorite places. dc's smoking ban went into effect on jan 1, so even going to my very-all-time-favorite place for drinks, pharmacy bar, was just as good as always and i didn't feel left out by not smoking. it still smells like stale nicotine stains - i'm sure that my four years of sitting there chainsmoking contributes to this historical scent. also, i got to see hot fuzz with mob (great); went to the portrait gallery, which was closed the entire time i lived there and is awesome; saw peter bjorn and john at the 9:30 club, which is pretty much the best place in america to see a band; and bought a cute and kitschy cookie jar shaped like a dog wearing a hat at miss pixies, where i have found the most amazing deals over the years. the doggy cookie jar was $15. when i showed it to pos he was like "this was for dog treats. it reeks. please don't put cookies in there."

i love dc. i miss dc. i want to live there. i want to pick up all of the good things i have in chicago and transfer them to dc. this will not happen, but a girl can dream. retirement is only like 35 years from now - maybe that's where i will spend my silver foxx years.

i did something after work that i haven't done in a long time - i went to the virgin megastore and actually bought cds. for real, the last cd i purchased new was the white stripes' get behind me satan; i've been perfectly content with itunes, the hype machine, all of the music blogs i troll for new tracks, and getting burns from friends for the past two years. i got the new tori amos and the new feist. i haven't bothered with tori for a while - just the cover of her album the beekeeper made me dismiss it as totally middle-aged zzzz and i never bothered to get it. the nyt said "A message to lapsed Tori Amos fans: come back. You won’t be bored" and i read this article, which is basically a steel cage match between tori and feist, and got both of them. i love feist, and the video for "1-2-3-4" (shot in one continuous take) is radness.

there are two things i will pretty much always post: collections of bad tattoos and collections of bad album covers. here's a new one of the records with a few i hadn't seen before. i will also post any mention of kenny, the mentally retarded white tiger.

in case you were wondering how long phil spector has been insane: a very long time.

female bloggers get cyberstalked, threatened and totally creeped out: read here. thankfully, the only obsessive i have attracted with this blog is sp, who was my number-one fan even before i started blogging. i got to see sp in dc and i had forgotten that she pretty much has the nicest skin of anyone i have ever met, and she told me, after i commented on this, that a woman once stopped her on the street to tell her that. and then sp cocked her head at me and said "you have nice skin, too. can i wear it?" (just kidding. she does have amazing skin, though).

a sports story that i actually read all of the way through, and you should read it, too - it's surprising and thoughtful and funny. very interesting.

karma! irony! i do feel bad for her, even though she's a big liar. read here.

and, before i go, since this is the dc post, you HAVE to read this story about the biggest asshole in all of the district of columbia (minus all members of the current administration).


mykljak said...

I just noticed that Kenny the very special tiger is from Bentonville, Ark., home town of Wal-Mart. Coincidence ... or clear signs that B'ville is a portal to Hades?

SarahReznor said...

I love those unicorns!!! It’s so funny. I don’t think anyone would notice if I stopped smoking!

hey - what did you think of the NIN?

SP said...

Is that a hint that I should stop stalking you? Maybe that means I need to take the Polaroid of us off the front of my fridge.

Miss Misc said...

I would like to meet this mysterious sp. I would also like to challenge her for the position of best skin.

I have been told that my skin reminds many of chocolate milk (...lactose free) chocolate milk.

scissors happy said...

to answer a few questions . . .

in a segregated "best skin" competition a la 1956, you would both win. is that a satisfactory answer, jc? if not, i refuse to play favorites, so you tie.

no, sp, you should NOT remove the polaroid from your fridge. although it would be great if you could white-out the weird strand of hair that i recall was across my forehead. i am actually thrilled that you cyberstalk me - i like knowing that someone other than a person searching for a sample of a unicorn tattoo reads this.

to mj - i did not make the retarded tiger/walmart connection. having just watched the documentary JESUS CAMP last night, i am totally freaked out by all signs of the apocalypse, and this one surely is. PS - ted haggard in in JESUS CAMP, and there is NO WAY that he has been found "100% heterosexual."

and about the new nin, sr - hmmmm. i'm still totally on the fence with this one. i loved "with teeth" so much that i can't help but feel a little let down. half of it feels like atmospheric blip-blip-blip and the other half just isn't as energetic as the stuff i really love (i refer to nin as dark disco and that's when he's best - danceable and creepy and pissed, with actual emotion). but that doesn't mean that i wont change my mind. as is, i listen to it in my office and have to keep the volume a bit low and keep getting inturrupted. excuse me, i'm trying to listen to music in here, what do want?