Tuesday, May 29, 2007

eb and sf's first dance: "the luckiest" by ben folds. so sweet!!!

eb and sf got married on sunday! it was a gorgeous event, and a really wonderful weekend. i gave the toast at their reception - i had a year to think about it and i think i came up with something nice, real nice. i got my hairs did with eb and em and eb's sister and mom - thirty bobby pins and half a bottle of hairspray. i haven't ever had my hair done for an occasion before, other than a quick blowout, and i was amazed that the stylist ratted my hair a foot off my head to give it volume and then was able to go back and smooth it all down, curling it into a classy lady updo.

i got my hair and nails done, i wore a gorgous halter dress i love that i found at a lord and taylor's insane store-closing sale for $35, i wore heels (another rarity - i'm already taller than everyone else), and, to be honest, i went fake-tanning. like three times. i know that's lame, but whatever, i'm really fair with an undertone of purple (not pink, i swear - purple). i look like shit when i haven't seen the sun in months. and i didn't turn all orange and trashy-looking, i just had a nice semblance to a normal color of skin. which leads me to this video, which expertly numbers every disgusting thing morally reprehensible about it and pretty much sums up everything that is wrong with los angeles and stupid bitch mothers who raise daughters who grow up to be skanks.

i usually only like posting about mentally retarded white tigers (hi kenny!) but this article has awesome photos.

i put a bunch of new blog links over yonder in the margin - check em out.

i saw stranger than fiction and i love love loved it. i haven't watched a movie this original and interesting and well-written and heartbreaking and funny in a long time. put it on your queue if you haven't seen it yet.

if you look at this website you can see that chicago may be a brutal place in the winter, but is gorgeous in the summer. also, you can call 312-74BEACH (312-742-3224) each and every day, and you can listen to a recording of my brother tb as he tells you whether you can swim in the lake or if it's too e.coli'd. he does this for work, not for fun.

in my ongoing quest to become domesticated, i planted a bunch of flowers at pos' house last night. we were at the grocery store this weekend and i saw a clearance cart full of these "flower seed mats" that had been packaged as mother's day gifts and were now marked down to 75 cents for a box of four of them. each package had a mat of zinnias, marigolds, virginia something or others, and another that i'm blanking on - russian ballerina or something lame like that. we bought dirt and pots and i even got a pair of gardening gloves, and i planted while pos mowed the lawn. i had planted some irish wildflower mixed seeds in pots that are on his front steps and they are growing, though they're just green leaves right now. i also planted some ranunculous bulbs in pots and left them on his porch, and i was concerned that i had fucked them up and planted them upside down, but i dug one up last night and it is growing, so i left the rest of them alone. i can't wait until they all bloom! even if only half of them live, i will be proud of my efforts. i have never been one to garden, cook, clean, or craft, unless you include profane cross-stitch samplers and paint-by-numbers.

newest clothing trend i fucking hate: wearing a tank top or camisole over a t-shirt. fucking gross looking! i want to march right up to every girl on the street i see wearing this atrocity and tell her that she looks like a goddamn moron. pos and i were at a show and this girl in front of us was wearing a cotton short-sleeved shirt with a silk strappy camisole over it and not only did i complain to him about how much i hated how that looked (like, twice), he caught me staring at her back like an hour later and was like "you REALLY don't like that, do you?" and laughed at me. i don't know why this raises so much ire in me, but i REALLY FUCKING HATE HOW THAT LOOKS. i wear tanks and camisoles UNDER other shirts all the time, so it's really about how you layer that seems to matter (a little too much) to me.

going to cincinnatti for te's and lk's wedding this weekend - AND cd and his awesome bf are in town for the weekend, so i get to see them before i leave and they are staying at my place. haven't been home in a few days . . . gonna have to swiffer the shit out of it as soon as i can.

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Lies all lies! Me thinks I have spotted a WGW (white girl weave)