Thursday, May 17, 2007

i am now bloodthirsty for every shitty employee out there (except for myself, and people who read this).

i'm totally over the temp thing. fuck her - she sucked. i went into her old office yesterday to clean it up, and she had a huge stack of newspapers under the desk, saved like a crazy hoarder would, and about four trees were killed for the amount of printouts of her shitty work she printed out and scattered about, totally unorganized (which is amazing, as she had been here for a week), with retarded notes to herself in the margins like "buy incadescent green eyeliner" (i am not making that up).

i threw her personal belongings into a box (the giant weight watchers bottle with lipstick stains all over the straw, the 1973 pocket english handbook with an owl on the cover, and the resume critique and analysis that she must have fed into an online service - which told her that her resume was not very good - that she clearly did while pretending to do work for me. it was, of course, highlighted all over) and gave them to HR.

rm sent me an ecard from the snarks at someecard ("when you care enough to hit send") with the message "That theology major will find something to praise the Lord for. You've just sped up her journey" so now i am totally at peace with the fact that 1) she sucked 2) she was wasting my time and my company's money and 3) as pos said, i was doing her a FAVOR to let her know that her work was unacceptable and that she needed to improve. i no longer feel heartless - i feel like president bush (a decider).

oh, and my new temp started yesterday, and while she is quiet and nervous and maybe even a little dour, she is actually quite competent and i have marveled at how much her spreadsheets kick ass.

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