Thursday, May 10, 2007

i hope he reponds when he returns last november

i tried emailing a guy at my office who apparently is out of town and has apparently lost his goddamn mind.

here is his out-of-office automatic response:


I will be out of the office Thursday 054/10/07 until Tuesdayy 5/153/07. I will not be checking e-mails. Please contact Production Manager Jane [last name spelled incorrectly] at: [her email address] with regard to any questions or problems durning this time. Jane can also be reached at [her number].

I will repond to you e-mail when I return on 11/28/06

If your e-mail involves an ad please contact Jane [last name spelled correctly] at [her email address].

All other e-mails I will return when I return.


Echo said...

Drunk out of office messages rock.

mykljak said...

I hope he's out getting the medical attention he so clearly needs. Poor thing.

On a not entirely unrelated note, I love the wee handicapped symbol next to the word verification box. "We want to hear your comments too, little wheelchair girl. We don't discriminate."

Just as delightful is the current word: owgoy. That's what you say when a gentile kicks your shin.

Miss Misc said...

Please mention that this is the person who oversees magazines etc. before they are printed.

(Guess that's why they are all shitty)