Monday, May 21, 2007

i just called to say i love you (and you owe me $47.98)

pos and i are getting serious. we just proved our love and devotion to one another this weekend - we are now under a family plan together at verizon (and i got a sweet new phone). this is a huge step, i think, one in which we need to learn how to SHARE (our minutes) and to COMMUNICATE ("you owe me an extra two dollars for all of those drunken text messages you sent"). there was one feature that we could have added, called "chaperone," where a GPS system on one phone tracks where the other cell is going and at what speed. it's meant for parents who need to spy on their kids and their speed-demon friends, but it sounds like the perfect tool for possessive insane boyfriends to stalk and harrass their ladyfriends. i have no qualms about sharing my life and my cell phone plan with pos, and while we refer to this classic onion article often, i think we'll be fine. if not, we'll probably still be contractually obligated under verizon to date for another year and a half.

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