Wednesday, June 13, 2007

biggie was right. please observe graph.

nerd alert: you can find out what the #1 song in america was on the day you were born (or any other momentous occasion) by using this website. mine was "new kid in town" by the eagles, which is . . . well, like, totally literal. thanks to mj for the link.

jmk let me know that mcsweeney's is auctioning their collectible original art by spike jonze, chris ware (rad chicago cartoonist) and dave eggers. check out dave's bush-as-an-amputee painting (bidding already over $4000). ebay auction over in a few days.

i hate to be all down on it, but i've seen better recutting-pop-culture-content-to-make-fake- movie-trailers- that-recreate-their-context-entirely-and-often-to-humorous-effect, but this is just okay: the new rob zombie halloween using the american office. from jmk.

they published the lollapalooza schedule. looks good, folks.

man, i have nothing to say tonight.

it has been gorgeous out - 80s, sunny, not humid - and i have been going for a lot of walks at lunchtime (especially this park) and after work. i need to get some batteries for my camera because i keep seeing amazing architecture and flowers and graffiti and streetscapes that i wanna take pictures of. i love spring, when i actually pay attention to my environment and spend time outside and ride my bike and keep the windows open. after dinner pos and i walked down to hawthorne, the prettiest street in lakeview with amazing old houses on huge lots. i seriously want to stand outside of the tribune tower and take photos of every chunk from other structures that they built into the first seven feet or so of the building. they have pieces of everything from the white house to the great wall of china to the taj mahal. they even added a twisted piece of metal from the world trade center. i am a little embarrassed to admit that i walked past it several times a week for over a year before mob told me that he wanted to go see the famous bricks when he was visiting and i was like "ummm, i've never noticed this before." it's a gorgeous old gothic building and i love it. here is a really 1994-feeling website that has a page devoted to every rock and brick that is built into the tower.

durrrr. nothing else. oh, i will say that you ought to go look for some mp3s from the office, a chicago band. i've been listening to them in my office, and they make me happy.

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mykljak said...

Chicago's architecture blows me away. Can't think of another city with such a rich collection.