Tuesday, June 26, 2007

drop yer pants (lawsuit)

the dude who was suing his drycleaners for $67 million (and then backed down to a much-more reasonable $54 million) because they lost his pants was found to not only be owed absolutely nothing, but could be made to pay the defendants' legal fees, as well as lose his job (because the man is a JUDGE).
thanks to everyone who forwarded me the breaking news updates. this was a pure joy to follow for a few months.

the case was heard by district of columbia superior court judge judith bartnoff, and my connection to her (i love six degrees shit) is that her husband is a very smart and cool guy who lobbied for my first non-profity job in dc. i want to know at what age you stop being embarrassed for how young and dumb you are/were, because the first time i met him, when i was probably 23, i was talking to him about what he does other than lobby and he said that he was the deputy director of clinton's presidential advisory commission on holocaust assets. in all of my sophistication, i said "wow. that sounds really . . . depressing." hahahahaha. i still cringe when i think of that. moron.

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