Friday, June 08, 2007

a good diss is always a good time.

blogger is seriously fucking pissing me off right now. it keeps deleting large portions of sentences so that my posts make less sense than usual. PISSER.

finally, something mildly entertaining from mtv's increasingly irrelevant awards shows: a psa that states that friends don’t let friends imitate borat. but it’s nice! i was pleased to see ryan reynolds in the clip, as he’s totally hott and i like his movies, even though a lot of them are super juvenile. plus two people i know have told me that pos looks like him, which i hadn’t considered before. i mean, i think pos is adorable, and i guess they have the same eyes and facial hair and cheekbones and lips and . . . holy shit, my bf is hott! anyway, ryan is also a blogger at the huffington post. he's a good writer - good sense of humor and underlying outrage, and i like the last line. and have i mentioned that i find him to be physically attractive?

i went to webmd to find some innocent information and ended up clicking around the seedy underbelly of straightforward medical advice. these two comments caught my eye - awesome.

panthertac said...
please watch your spelling: every time any word is misspelled in print thousands of people assume that it's the correct way to spell that word.
Masturbation is spelled with a 'u', not an 'e'.

Anonymous said...
hey panthertac....if you felt it was necessary to correct someone's spelling instead of actually leaving a comment relating to the subject, you have bigger issues than achieving orgasm. You need to get a LIFE!!

anyway . . .

i quite enjoy watching this commercial. and this is another fine example of simple, effective advertising.

the wapo interviews the lovely feist. best song off her new album: her cover of nina simone's "sealion." also terribly fond of "i feel it all." the whole thing is great.

kurt vonnegut was fucking cool, man.

my brother has a blog that he never updates (but i keep linked because it would be sorta mean to take down - blood is thicker than the internet and all) and i would also like to point out that he has had his for more than a year longer than i have had mine. so he emailed me yesterday to tell me that the movie theater close to our offices was hosting the chicago oceans 13 premier after work yesterday and that clooney and damon were going to be there, and i replied that he better hurry down there to get some photos for his blog, which was a joke, as he hates celebritardation. he sent me the following email, which i thought was fucking hilarious, and actually a quite apt description of my blog, minus the last part about brad pitt:

yeah right. YOU can blog about it. it will fit in nicely after your unicorn pop up book book review... and the mp3 of the single from that gay swedish disco combo... and the rant against no blood for oil... and the link to the video of the little kid getting kicked in the face by a horse... and the compare contrast of why "The Dukes of Hazzard" TV show was unintentionally hilarious where as the comic film version is just not funny... followed by a 10 second grainy film clip from your cell phone's camera of you screaming "BBBRRAAAAADDDD!!!" and brad pitt SORT OF looking in your direction... then 8 seconds of your off-camera hysterics panting "ohh my God! oohhh my God!! Brad just smiled at me....."

hahaha. older brothers are supposed to be mean, and tb does a good job.

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