Tuesday, June 26, 2007

magical mystery post

my new solution to never having time to do proper posts: do it quick and do it often. often-ish.

i already posted about alli (anyone try it yet? how's the oily discharge working out for you?) but this blogger's sense of utter outrage and indignation is really well-written and funny. best part: i somehow missed that the manufacturer seriously recommends that you wear dark pants and bring extra clothes to work because YOU WILL BE SHITTING YOUR PANTS. anything for an extra 10 pounds off with little effort, just your dignity.

bc sent me this classic maury clip, which i think i might have even posted before. daytime tv is real depressing, especially the who's-the-daddy dna test shows, and i only enjoy laughing at the pain of people who bring it upon themselves or are, proven fact, total cunts. so yeah, big laffs for this guy, not because he was just delivered an earth-shatteringly upsetting revelation (tears and all for that), but because he is perhaps one of the dumbest (or just most deluded) people to somehow still be alive.

another youtube clip that bc sent me, but pretty much the exact opposite of the one above: carl sagan narrating kool images of the pale blue dot in space (us).

here is a unicorn poetry page that tb randomly sent me. what's rad is that the first poem on that page is what was read aloud to me at my 28th birthday party, which was a unicorn surprise party that em and eb put together for me (i thought that we were gonna go get polish food. speaking of which, we never did and i still want to find an authentic and great polish place in chicago). the menu included unicorndogs (corndogs with a piece of baby corn toothpicked to its, errr, forehead), pegasus wings (bbq chicken wings), minotaur cock-n-balls (mini corndogs with two meatballs toothpicked to them) . . . totally genius. my friends are always totally amazing to me on my birthday. anyway, the poetry page is a part of this website, are you a unicorn?, which i think is a joke, but i'm not really all that certain that it is, nor do i want to be. and i really wish that lisa frank was a real person, and i wish that she was my best friend. that's all. aw, snap, wait - she is!!!

that's it for now.


Eric said...

speaking of unicorns. You should check this out. It's really annoying at first, but I think it pays off:


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