Friday, June 29, 2007

movies and stuff

i got an email from netflix yesterday that told me that my two-dvds-at-a-time membership fee was dropped to $13.99 a month, from $15.99, which is much-appreciated and surprising, and they also told me about the new "instant viewing" feature, where i can now watch up to 14 hours of tv shows and movies a month for free on my laptop using some download program that jmk told me isn't compatible with macs (tears for him). this couldn't have come at a better time - i think comcast realized that they left the cable on in my apartment when the last tenant moved out, so my year of free cable has come to an end. it's weird, though, because i still get the tv guide channel and some very-cable-seeming public access and shopping networks. i can't just call and be like "something is weird with my cable - only shit i would never watch and network tv is showing up. my account number? hahaha - oh, i don't have one of those. i just plugged in my tv when i moved in and i had cable. so can you come and fix it?"

just saw via netflix: meatballs (an old childhood favorite - i have always adored bill murray and hadn't seen this in probably 20 years . . . and it sucked, and wasn't funny, and i was freaked out by the scene when bill attacks his fellow camp counselor roxanne, who he wants to fuck, and he makes it quite clear as they "playfully?!?!!?!?" wrestle around. wow. not funny at all.) and the good shepherd, which put me right to sleep at 9:00 on a wednesday night. that is not a very strong endorsement.

just in case you've been dying to know, this is my favorite new yorker cartoon. i am currently on a new yorker binge, as i have about 30 unread copies in a neat pile in my front room, and it is time to tackle them. between subscribing to the new yorker and the week, as well as my complete devotion to getting most news - important and trite - off of the internet, i don't have much time for novels or books, despite having a stack of about 30 of those that i want to read, too.

WOW. while i quite enjoyed watching this video for "mr roboto" using perfectly-edited clips from the office, i have to admit that i am concerned that someone who is not actually associated with the show and was thus doing this in their spare time has some sunlight-avoidance issues and is probably really lonely. "kilroy" at the end was a really nice touch, though.

more later. prolly.

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SarahReznor said...

that's good to know about the good sheperd...! i tried to watch siryana the other day - snooze fest. i couldnt keep my eyes open, i think i took a nap in the middle and woke up and it was still on... meatballs - i remember trying to watch but i never got what the fuss was about.