Saturday, June 09, 2007

nosy questions deserve honest answers.

pos and i were walking up halsted after brunch, and we ran into this guy i work with, rw, on the sidewalk. rw is mid-40s, gay, snarky, and awesome. we were in the same quit-smoking class/support group and we bonded over how fucking bad it sucks to quit but also being proud of doing it. also, this woman in our group, a mid-40s divorcee who looks like she goes home and chugs wine every night on her couch, had an obvious crush on rw, and would say things like "i really wanted to call you last night to see how you were doing but i don't have your number." to which rw would nod and then turn away to talk to someone else.

rw was carrying a green plastic bag and i was like "are you out shopping? what did you get?"

never the bullshitter, rw replied "some porn, a ball stretcher and some lube."

i was like "really?"

and he said "hey, you asked."

we all laughed, chatted some more, and went on our merry ways.

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