Wednesday, June 06, 2007

remember how a year ago today it was 6/6/06 - like, all satanic and everything? yeah. anyway . . .

time online has a really cool slideshow about what the world eats and how much families spend on food. i love seeing what families across the world look like. coolest house: the namgay family from shingkhey village (where?). i also don't know where tingo is, but the ayme family's house (is that an underground pit?) makes me sad, though i like all of their fedoras and cute smiles. this really puts processed foods and lazy lifestyles on display - gross.

jc sent this link (which she declared "tragic") to calculate the nutritional value of your chipotle burrito. fuck, man. and i always get the vegetarian bowl (10 fucking grams of fat less than with a tortilla and STILL 25). this would be no good if you went on alli, the new fat-blocking pill that is actually over-the-counter and is being "launched" next week. it sounds like a good thing, the way that wow potato chips sounded like a good thing, until you read the fine print and discover that the fat that's blocked isn't digested, it just sits in your colon until you have loose and slimy shit or, if you eat more than 15 grams of fat in your meal, it leaks out in an oily discharge. sign me up, right?

when i first started this blog i was a lot more music-centric in its posts and links, and now i guess it's just stuff that i think is interesting, plus some personal stuff thrown in (but nothing too personal, i hope. now that i'm totally in lerve i don't want to be annoying). the thing is, there are so many great music blogs that i read on a daily basis that i don't feel like i want to even try to compete/be companions with them. i don't post mp3s for you to download, i don't review new albums at length, and i quite frankly can't keep up with every rad new indie band that comes along. so i think that i might start randomly talking about stuff that i am digging on lately and recommend that you go to the hype machine to see if you can find it if you're interested.
what i love right now:
keep the car running - arcade fire
lull - andrew bird
going to a town - rufus wainwright
every car you chase - snow patrol/police mash-up
blue bird - the rosebuds
don't give up - the noisettes

i keep debating if i want to get the new travis album (not reviewed very well, and i barely remember anything about their past two albums, other than maybe that they're sorta boring and wimpy, but oh, how i used to love them). i downloaded the clientele's new one and, despite some raves and liking their last one, i realized that i think that they are annoying.

yet another fine example as to why home schooling is a bad idea found here.
here is one of the saddest obits that you'll read all year. may you find the peace in death that so clearly evaded you in life, rose.

that creepy old dude who wants to get you laid (by your soulmate) hates the gays. read here.

i love "john bender's dad" references. he wasn't even in the movie, and he's a cultural icon. where's my turkey potpie, bitch?

stay out of the light, carolanne. actually, stay away from me, too. here is a youtubetacular collection of the creepiest kids in movies. i used to work with a creepy mid-30s woman named carolanne who may as well have been 11 and possessed.

i really enjoy watching this.

in case you're feeling literary, you should read this 1974 interview between william s burroughs and david bowie. while you're at it, read this new yorker profile of banksy. even if you're not interested in the article, go through the slideshow of his art (under "related links"). i demand this. the elephant DOES look sad, though, doesn't he? i'm not really an art scholar or anything, considering it is a lifelong dream to own the perfect paint-by-number collection, but i would like to hereby declare his west bank wall paradise piece as actually a really important work of art.

an office showdown found here. i am a huge fan of the original uk version and was prepared to hate the american version, but it has been consistently funny and well-written. so which one wins?


SP said...

I'm also totally obsessed with that Arcade Fire song. 94.7 has reformatted itself here in D.C. into actually a really awesome pan-rock/indie station that is also committed to helping the environment, and it plays this song a lot. (They also play Tori, the Pretenders, good 80s like Psychedelic Furs and 90s stuff and you can listen on-line.) They've also turned me onto She's Mine by Brett Dennen and She Moves in her Own Way by the Kooks.

scissors happy said...

thanks for the tip, sp. i'm listening now - first lily allen, now old-school rem. i likey.

anyone else have any online radio stations to recommend? i'm getting sick of trolling for new songs all day long. (maybe i should do some work).

SP said...

not to double up, but another good one that my sister told me about is 107.1 in Ann Arbor. They are more toward indie/softer than 94.7 though.