Wednesday, June 27, 2007

"well i ain't saying i'm innocent, in fact the reverse / but if you're heading to the grave, don't blame the hearse"

watch this youtube clip of elizabeth edwards nicely asks ann cuntler to stfu with the personal attacks, especially when it comes to mocking the edwards' dead son. i know that there are myriad reasons to be repulsed by the cuntler, but i REALLY hate her snobby testosteroney stuttering voice, so humorless and arrogant. she is soooo gross. nice cheezeass sunglasses and raking your manhands through your lifeless hair, you doucheguzzler. puke.

saw the really great movie once this weekend with pos, eb and sf. we dawdled at the theater, getting snacks and whatnot (i like the theater in evanston because it's close to eb and sf's place, parking is free, and they have a crazy snack bar with wide varieties of all sortsa junk - i got kettle corn, which i loooove), and when we walked into the theater as the previews were playing, it was so packed we had to sit in the front row (which i am not a fan of). hasn't this movie been out for like a month? it was at like 4:30 on a hot saturday. odd, but a good sign that this movie is getting more attention. i was really impressed with how simple and beautiful it was, and now i am a frames fan. i am a huge softy for irish singer-songwriter guys. you can get some of the film's songs off of the hype machine.

yay! the verve are reuniting. my number-one-of-all-time-best-ever-favorite song is "bittersweet symphony." i always buy richard ashcroft's solo albums, which inevitably only have four or five (err, maybe even two or three) good songs on them, but i am loyal. i never did get to see the verve play - i dragged my friend sw to go see richard play the 9:30 club in dc in 2001 despite the fact that she had no idea who he was, and she kept telling people that she was going to go see john ashcroft sing. which would have been awesome in an entirely different way. let the eagle soar, motherfucker!

songs i really like RIGHT NOW:

retro muff - hot IQs
mornings eleven - the magic numbers
killing the light - black rebel motorcycle club
if you want me - glen hansard & markéta irglová
the thanks i get - wilco
effect and cause - the white stripes

tis enough til later.

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mykljak said...

The only solution to Ann Coulter is a total panmedia ban: no appearances or even mentions on TV or radio or in print, including book publishing. There's nothing that could be done about the Internet, but if every other type of outlet agreed voluntarily to ignore her, that would be that.