Friday, July 06, 2007

cutest couple ever making it official.

ally and timmy got engaged! i am so happy for them. yesterday was her birthday and they went out for dinner and a walk, and he asked her. they're a really rad couple - both very smart and funny and totally adorable. i can safely say that he really is one of the cutest boys i have ever known and he has the best black hair with premature gray strands (i knew i was getting older when i found prematre gray to be hott). he is SO cute, in fact, that i thought it was hysterical when he told us that he was walking home through his alley in dc when a homeless woman looked at him and said "you're so ugly, i wouldn't even take your picture." he felt genuinely bad about it. don't worry, timmy - she was obviously just crazy.


i fully expect there to be a masturbakers cake at your reception.

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