Wednesday, July 18, 2007


work = grrrr.

hahahahah - click here. not to be rude or anything, and i don't condone violence and the destruction of others' property and blah blah blah, but douchy mcdoucherson deserved it.

it's the answer to my cat allergy: freakish fake pet that "Breathes continuously for up to three months on the same set of 2 D batteries" and "Requires no feeding, walking or doctor visits and no behavioral issues." creepy and weird - both the product and the inventor. and the ad itself - "i don't want a pet because of behavioral issues, so i'll just put a sleeping robot in the corner that i can stroke and sleep with."

this dude has been married six times. he goes to the disney parks (all of them) constantly. check out his house. oh, and i almost forgot, and his tattoos, too. totally nutz. how does he pay for all of this shit?

sigh. click here for movie tattoos. i seriously don't get it. i love looking at them, but i just don't understand.

jenny lewis talks about "the moneymaker."

i loooove michael k. i don't know how i would get through my days if i didn't have dlisted. he was interviewed by some brits AND featured in the new york times. hearts!!! totally jealous that he gets to blog full-time. work blowz.

i like girl talk (real name: greg gillis) because he mashes and remixes pretty much every song that i've ever liked since i was 11, and makes them sound new and awesome. also, he was a biomedical engineer until he realized that being a dj was something he could do full-time, so he's not some untalented celebretard who became a dj to get better drugs and to have something to do. his set at pitchfork was a big let-down for me, and through no fault of his own, but from poor planning for the third stage. after trying to hear cat power (bad sound) at the first stage, we walked to the third stage for his set and were pretty far back in the crowd, so we couldn't see or hear very well. i blame pitchfork organizers for this. wouldn't it have made more sense to put girl talk on a main stage, since he has been getting crazy buzz for months about how great he is, and put headliner yoko ono, a 74-year-old with limited appeal and even less musical talent, on the third stage? we walked past as we were leaving the park and laughed as we heard the YAYAYAYYAYAYYAYAYYAYAYAY screaming and "sonic musicscapes" coming from the stage. i know that she has a place in history, but she really isn't the best choice for the saturday night headliner of a rock fest. jmk sent me this page with a girl talk set, and it sounds pretty similar to what he spun at pitchfork.

i found a lot of the crowd to be annoying (hideous fashion show, ironic facial hair, made me feel old, etc), but pitchfork definitely had its moments of brilliance and wonderment for me - the sunday afternoon i spent watching junior boys (like george michael vocals and depeche mode beats but less poppy), the sea and cake (mad love for archer pruitt, creator of sof boy), jamie liddell (i didn't know anything about him before but shit he has an amazing old-school soul voice and i'll have to look into his stuff), stephen malkmus (yay pavement, but i haven't kept up with any of his solo stuff, and i enjoyed his set - it was good), of montreal (awesome. so gay and rad), the new pornographers (i'm always let down when neko isn't with them, but they're always so great anyway), and de la soul (old-skool rads AND they brought price paul out). i was soooo disappointed with saturday, but sunday was a great day. i didn't make it out friday for gza and sonic youth because nr and her husband were in town and i couldn't bail on them just to go see some bands. although apparently another of nr's chicago friends had no problem doing this - and when she said "my other friend is skipping friday night to hang out with us" he said "apparently your friend doesn't know anything about the bands playing friday night" - implying that sonic youth is more important than nr. well, you're wrong, pal. FRIENDS ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN BANDS. even sonic youth. the end.

also, what i love about pitchfork: lots of indie crafts and rock posters and homemade goodies and vinyl to buy. it's like a punkrock bazaar. i got three necklaces (one is a unicorn necklace that this girl made, one has birdies on it, and one is a heart), two melted record bowls ($2 each - can't beat that with a stick), a jenny lewis rock print (fourth one on this page), and - best of all - a rock print of the hideout calendar from september 2006, which just so happens to feature the hideout block party with girls vs boys, ted leo + pharmacists, and !!!. this was purchased because this was my first date with pos. so fucking cute! we already got our tickets for this year's block party, and i totally want to wear the same outfit i wore on our first date, but quitting smoking has turned me a little bit lardy, so we'll see.

i have NO IDEA what's going on in the photo i chose today, nor what the brilliant (i'm sure) catch phrase means, but that shit makes me laugh and laugh. totally dubm, man.


tc said...

"Now, as Groves ponders what to do with the remains of his $38,000 SUV..."

How bout you sell off the parts, take the money you make and put a security deposit down on an apartment so you don't have to live with your mommy anymore.


Zieak said...

Those crazy cat pictures make me laugh too. "Invisible bike!"