Thursday, July 05, 2007

i'm it.

sarah from sector-9 "tagged me" and i always like to play along, so here is my entry.

rules of the game:

* We have to post these rules before we give you the facts.

* Players start with eight random facts/habits about themselves.

* People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules. At the end of your blog post, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.

* Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

so here goes:

1. i fractured two ribs in college . . . from coughing. i was coughing really hard, apparently. i had bronchitis and was still smoking away. it really fucking hurt and the nurse at the emergeny room was a real c u next tuesday. they were hairline fractures - it's not like my ribs broke in half and punctured my lung - but i was on codeine cough syrup for a while, which i quite enjoyed. for years afterwards, i would be able to tell it was going to rain because my left ribs would ache.

2. i have a true love/hate relationship with driving. i have to drive in random cities i have never even been to before for work and i am quite proficient in arriving to the airport in, say, atlanta, renting a car, and being on my merry way, while i will refuse to even borrow pos' car to run to the grocery store when i am home in chicago. i will drive anywhere except for LA, NYC, DC, and chicago, which i suppose is unfortunate and weird, as i have lived in half of those cities. although this changed last night, when pos and i went to see moxie motive (i had the honor of running the t-shirt table) at tonic room, which is probably two miles away from my place, and he got drunk and i was sipping diet cokes all night, so i drove us and even found parking on addison - i was very nervous about having to parallel park but there was an open spot on the corner. all in all, a successful jaunt that i was seriously worried about for most of the evening.

3. there are three kidz in my family (i am the middle). tb is three years older and db is three years younger. my parents were born three days apart (same year). my birthday is three days before tb's. when i was younger i had this whole list of oh-my-god-three-is-really-mystical-and-magical-in-my-family coincidences (like my parents have owned three houses and we had three cats and shit like that) but i no longer think that it's so amazing.

4. for someone who loves music so much, this is embarrassing: my first concert was new kids on the block in milwaukee when i was in middle school.

5. i have no idea what job or career i want to have. i should probably go to grad school and get a masters in something, but everything sounds really boring to me, or impractical and a waste of time and money. i'm not a huge believer in you-are-what-you-do, anyway. i have a job that pays me enough to have the kind of life that i want, and don't stress too much about how it's lame.

6. i am already sick of hearing about the november 2008 election. i don't want to participate until it is time to review the actual candidates' qualifications and stances, and then vote. it used to be that simple.

7. i detest: fennel/anise seeds, cantaloupe, honeydew melon, oatmeal, seedy tomatoes, most pickled items, green jelly beans that you want to be lime but turn out to be mint, tonic water, seltzer water, herbal teas (i have to be able to put sugar and milk in it or it's vomit to me), yellow raisins, ginger, goat, pretty much any candy that isn't chocolate or caramel, and i am very particular about the consistency of the bananas, apples and pears that i will eat. i am becoming more picky - but also more adventurous, as i'll try pretty much anything - with the food that i like.

8. i'm so tall that i have to buy my pants online, i often hit my head on low-hanging ceilings and beams, and my knees hate unforgiving seat backs in airplanes and buses. i alwyas have to adjust car seats, i can't sleep on short couches, and people ask me if i play basketball. while sometimes i feel like i have descended from the mountain and am here to destroy your village, i really do like being six-foot-one. i've got a theme song, i can always see at shows, and napoleon complex men don't bother with me.

okay, time to tag others. this will not be easy and i know that i will get no response from a few of these people, as their blogs are less about them and more about dead people, photos/art/music, people that piss them off, etc:

pos, mykljak, ally, ecf, miss misc (or buhster, or both of you), ea from rising spiral, eb from urban echo, and le from her eponymous website with her husband.

sorry guys!


le said...

I remember the cracked ribs! I've got a great photo of you holding your bottle of brochitis meds in one hand and your cigarette in the other. classic.

Kate said...

I have a confession. We've been link buddies forever and I've never told you - in the category of blogging-about-life-and-everything-but-nothing-in-particular... you're my favorite blogger of all time.

scissors happy said...

i am all choked up, kate of glorious hum fame! i love your blog. even though i said that i was sick of 08 election news already, i always read what you have to say about the candidates and political shenanigans. AND you post great music, AND you're funny. mutual love.

Miss Misc said...

Oh hell to the naw! I request to be disqualified from this game since I only read two blogs (including yours) and I won't be able to send to eight people. However, I could post eight funny things about myself if you really want.

SarahReznor said...

1. Holy hell – oooowww! From coughing, really?
2. I get that – I don’t drive but I think I would become a serial killer if I drove in Tel Aviv.
3. I’m number 3 of 6 – go middle kids!!!
4. OMG – I used to love NKOTB, I was going to make it one of my randoms but was too embarrassed!
5. Word.
6. Yeah – me too and I’m on the other side of the world!!!
7. I’ve always been adventurous with food but cilantro is a line I don’t cross.
8. can you send me some links coz I cant find pants my size either and I’m “only” 6 feet tall…

p.s. did you hear - I'm gonna see Trent...!

scissors happy said...

pants. long pants. i don't know if you can get them to ship to you, but it's worth checking out:

gap online (where i get most of my work pants), american eagle (cheap high-school kid clothes, but great long corduroys), eddie bauer (which is totally momjeans but i get suits for work there), a shop called tall girl (some of their shit is weird and some of it is super over-priced, but i have scored some great stuff on sale or clearance), and j. crew has a tall section online. if you do a google search you find a lot of creepy-sounding stores like "long elegant legs."

old navy used to stock long pants in their stores but i feel like i haven't seen any lately. i can not overstate how much i detest the fact that i can almost never walk into a store, find a pair of pants that fit, and buy them. i have NO IDEA how i would function without online shopping.

i am excited that nin is touring and going to israel, especially since i know that you never get to see any bands because they wont come anywhere near you. speaking of long pants: trent is five-six, i would guess. most likely one source of his never-ceasing loathing and anger.