Monday, July 09, 2007

mostly about music

the best online quiz you will ever take: find out if you will survive a zombie attack. i'm a total goner.

jmk sent me this clip that has compiled the "best" moments from the worst movies ever made. highly entertaining. i was sure that my favorite part was in the worst acting ever ("garbage day!") category, but then i saw "most random line ever."

i'm kinda confused about the new rilo kiley song, "the moneymaker." i like it, it's kinda funky, and maybe trying to be dirty, but i don't entirely like it, because it's kinda . . . well, just weird. for them. and jenny lewis. the video is also weird - like nine minutes of interviews with porn stars (i guess - i got bored and fast forwarded) and then an unironic video for the song. whatcha up to, jenny? i hope you're not a genre-hopper - i LOVE rabbit fur coat and hope that you weren't just doing it because dustry springfield/1970s dolly parton was fashionable for four minutes in LA. stereogum also has footage of her back in the day when she was a kiddie actress (or, if you read between the lines on rabbit fur coat, worked to support her mom's coke habit). watch here for both. download "the moneymaker" here.

new song i really really like: the new pornographers "myriad harbour" - download here. i'm excited to see them on sunday at pitchfork - right in between of montreal and de la soul (random but rad). i'm kinda miffed that cat power is on just a half-hour before girl talk on saturday, cuz i wanted to see both sets. also very curious to hear what yoko ono is all about - pos describes her music as "a cat in a woodchipper" but maybe she will surprise us. i'm not totally thrilled about this year's lineup - iron and wine again? boring. the ponys AGAIN? i know they're a chicago band, but i'm sick of them.

it's courtney love's birthday and stereogum celebrates by making fun of her new shitty song. listen here and try to get over her weird plastic clown face. i've said my piece on cwhoretney before - but i suppose that i will give her endless opportunities to make me like her again. this one doesn't do it.

my dream is to get my hairs cut here. i didn't know that it existed until today.

that photo is a sign pos and i saw on my apartment building's front gate on a saturday afternoon (it was removed when we returned like an hour later). we submitted it to passive-aggressive notes, but they never posted it. which was rather passive-aggressive of them.


Kate said...

you're going to see the NPs at Pitchfork? I'm jealous, tell me how it goes.

Matthew Perpetua said...

Cat Power plays 8:00-9:00, Girl Talk starts at 8:30, but he's playing a tented stage on the other side of the park.