Friday, July 06, 2007

things people sent me.

rb sent me this website, where you can anonymously post an apology. a decent idea for a participation blog, but also maybe just for people too lazy to make a post secret card.

two people (mj and mob, to be precise) sent me this collection of rejected "love is . . ." cartoons, and pos and i read them together on my couch and laughed uproariously. whoever made these is a comic genius.

mj sent me an email that said "i was gonna call my blog this, but it was already taken" and provided this link.

kk sent me this article (also includes explanatory photo) because we are both from wisconsin and therefore can truly appreciate the necessity of this product.

older brother tb sent this article to me and our little sister db, which was very jackassy and funny of him.

bc sent this on the 4th of july (but i would daresay suggest that you could watch it any day of the year).

jmk sent this article about a naughty billboard. i think it's clever. just as clever as advertising a "topless carwash," where the girls are actually wearing shirts but don't clean the roof of your car.

mj sent this op-ed musing about bad tattoos. this is a line that just can't be beat, and could only be found in the san francisco chronicle: "Like ecstasy, like your first strap-on, like your first shameful warmonger of a president, you never forget your first tattoo."

it's so juvenile and wrong, but this early-80s commercial truly is the best example of how timing is everything. sent by tb.

tc sent me this article about an elderly hipster chorus and noted that "i bet their version of 'optimistic' was better than hanson's." i will always love tc for being the only person i know who encourages - nay, embraces - my dorktastic secret likes and wants. ENABLER. in case you have a hard time picturing this, check out this really great video bc sent me of a bunch of elderly brits doing "my generation."

people i don't even know send me unicorn clips. i have received planet unicorn (dig the cheesy techno theme song, heyyy); this clip that, as warned, is annoying but funny; and this commercial, which features one of my favorite songs and technically isn't about unicorns but the song reminds me of one.

perhaps i will have time to post more later. stuff that i actually found all by myself. i do appreciate the assistance, however.

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