Tuesday, July 17, 2007

you get nothin.

it's the worst week, work-wise, for me all year. i'll be lucky if i get home before 8:00 tonight. so no updates, no pitchfork fest review, no linx and clipz and such until i have a few moments to spare, which wasn't yesterday and wont be today. i'll see what i can do tomorrow.

it hurts me way more than it hurts you, rest assured.

here, this will tide you over some: a 185-page online gallery of portrait tattoos. that jack sparrow one one the first page looks really effeminate and lame.

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le said...

It makes you wonder if some of these people really understood that they would be living with Johnny Depp/Paul Stanley/auntie kathy for the rest of their lives when they agreed to the deal. If only someone had given me a good talking-to before I had joey mcintyre's face tattoed on my left breast at age 13...