Thursday, August 16, 2007

today's first song when i hit shuffle: the return

it's sector-9's birthday, and as a present, at sarah's request, here it is . . .

the long-sleeping feature that i really ought to get back to doing on a regular basis . . .

today's first shuffle song of the day!

"a rush of blood to the head" - coldplay

try to remember a time when coldplay were not over-popular (as in, your mom didn't get a burned copy of their cd from her bridge club friend), chris martin was not sting jr (ps i think sting is a moronic, holier-than-though fucktard) and not mr fishsticks, and they had yet to release the sleep-inducing x&y. remember? i do. i still love this song. it's beautiful.

i bought the first coldplay album right when it came out in the states in late 2000 because i had watched some random canadian music show on saturday morning tv that was touting the band as the next big thing and i have always been a bit britpop fan, and then went to some cheesy rock radio station fest in maryland that summer because they were playing. many in the crowd pelted them with water bottles, as they were waiting for good charlotte to come on (i'm not kidding). i stood next to a guy who kept making fun of the globe that they brought out on stage with them (much like the globe on the cover of parachutes). yeah, that's how low-budget they were at the time. the only other time i've seen them was in may 2005, when i forwarded all of my new york friends a link to an email drawing to win tickets to see them at the beacon theater, saying that they had to take me if they won. lk sent me an email saying "i'm your new best friend, bitch," and i flew out for the show. we were in the fourth row and it was great.

somewhere in between "yellow" and "clocks," they became monstrously huge, and i think that a rush of blood to the head is a great album, and one that i have overplayed and am pretty much sick of. brian eno is reportedly working with them on their fourth album, so that ought to be interesting. i'm a big baby about going to see bands at venues that are too large (i wasn't all that into this white stripes show, and lollapalooza isn't all that great if you really truly are there for just the bands), so i suppose that i wont try to see them ever again, unless i can get tickets to see them in a club. i'm spoiled like that.

also: i don't disregard musicians' political and social activism, as long as it's not annoying (a fine line indeed) or seems insincere (half of those "rock the vote" and "vote or die" tools aren't even registered themselves). i thought that their cameos in shaun of the dead (watch clip here) about performing for ZombAid was funny and showed them making fun of their own earnestness, which i can get behind.

also: i hate the word "coldplay." i don't know why, but their name bothers me. it's not just because its nonsensical - it's that the words cold and play look and sound dumb when glued together.

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