Wednesday, August 15, 2007

short, but swwwwwwwwweeeet

other bloggers entertain me all the live-long day: kate from the glorious hum posted a fun summer dance mix - download or die, as she would say. also, a mix consisting of songs that refer to small things - how cute! as for mj of jacquoff, i stole this link that he originally posted featuring unfortunately-placed advertisements, because i loves it.

i'm a big fan of the bad review. it's probably an immature schadenfreude complex i have, but i love a well-crafted diss and would much rather read the red-flagged reviews on metacritic than the green ones. i love how this review from nme described just how dark the editors want you to find their new album: "a record as serious as cancer, Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis and foot and mouth, all wrapped up in a terrorist warning note."

rm said something really random and funny when she was visiting for lolla - for some reason, dita von teese came up, and she said "you know, whenever i see her, i think 'now there is one classy bitch.'" and she's right, and she's also surprisingly not a dumbass - read here.

this is my new favorite video. atmospheric and creepy cool, and i love the song. very donnie darko.

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