Tuesday, August 14, 2007

things to watch, things to read.

finally have some time for a little bit o proper blogging.

well, brooke astor died. thanks for hanging in there for so long, girlfren.

the duggar family does it again - number 19. they sure like to fuck for being religious folk. i love that it took this long to use "jennifer" as a name - after using the obvious J names for girls like janna, jessa and jinger. yes. JINGER.

here is a really funny interview with the former editor of playgirl. she seems really rad and smart - "to dispel one aspect of the biz people tend to speculate about, let's just say that fluffers are no longer necessary thanks to pharmaceuticals . . . Truly, this has been the most unusual job I've ever had, and I don't know if I could ever have another 9-5 job, because what do I do for an encore? What would top this?" - and she has the best kurt vonnegut story (he did not pose for the magazine, in case you were wondering).

a nice surprise: this blog links to me. i think they're in estonia. umm, what language is that?

thanks to dlsited (my favorite celebretard news site) for pointing out this smoking gun archive of mugshot dummies and their appropriate shirts.

also from dlisted: clowns are fucking scary. reminds me of the classic/vlasic (get it? see what i did there?) pickle fear segment on maury.

on days when i worry that maybe i'm not good at my job, i can rest easy knowing that at least i'm not this guy.

rather than new secrets this week, postsecret has a short film that explains the project, shows examples of cards sent in, and offers a moving tribute to the strange and beautiful project. i wish that they had chosen a song other than sia's "breathe me" - first of all, it seems kinda literal ("ouch, i hurt myself again") and also because the last five minutes of six feet under owns the cultural reference rights to that song.

now that my cable has been so rudely disconnected, i am forced to keep lame network shows on as background noise. honestly, i had no idea that there were so many "talent shows" greenlighted for television, and if you include the specialty shows, where hairdressers try to out-perm one another and screaming prima donnas try to out-decorate the competition, every freaking show is about people trying to prove that they're the best at something. i will say this - butterscotch was a part of mike patton's crew when we saw peeping tom this spring, and she was an amazing freestyler and crazy-special-effects rapper, and i see that she is in the running to win that moronic america's got talent show, and i hope she wins. also, i have never watched so you think you can dance, but this junior boys song is rad and the choreography is amazing. i still hate all reality and competition shows, though. check out both videos.

sigh. gotsta go. more later maybe.

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