Thursday, August 30, 2007

the unfinished post

pos made some comment about bloggers last night and i said "whatever, dude, you have a blog" and he said "i don't have a blog - i have a RANT." noted.

carol moved out. she is gone. in her wake are two empty apartments (empty except for the bugs) that look like they haven't been cleaned in at least 20 years. the landlord let some scrap metal guys come and take all of the ancient appliances. the doors were left wide open (of course) to the unit that she lived in across from me, and pos and i ventured in for a quick look. it looked like a crack house - peeling paint, disgusting bathroom, clouded-with-filth windows, everything just decaying. our apartments are very old but, when actually kept up, really charming - old fireplaces, built-in bookshelves and hutches, moulding and woodwork throughout. hers will require thousands of dollars in renovations. i would suggest torching it for the insurance money, but i think that would probably burn out my apartment, too. freaked out by the bugs we saw in her kitchen, and then seeing a bug on the rug under the coffeetable, i am miserable with the thought of vermin and nastiness coming to live with me now that she's gone. we even threw out my rug (it was only $5 on clearance at urban outfitters and a dirt magnet anyway, impossible to clean or vacuum) in disgust, because i don't want anything germy and nesty available for them to make a new home in. puuuuuke. when i first moved in i loved my apartment and was totally ready to settle in for a few years, but things change, especially when you don't plan on them changing. i'll be moving in with pos (!!!!!!!!!!!) in october, so at this point i just want to make sure that none of the little fuckers move with me.

excellent blog feministing posted this mad tv sketch that mocks the dangerous minds/freedom writers cliches of the nice white lady teacher who saves the inner city kids from themselves. this is awesome for me because my mom is actually a nice white lady who teaches alternative ed to kids who were expelled from the school district.

the onion av club discusses tv shows that were popular and then suddenly were forgotten or shoved aside (the o.c., twin peaks, miami vice, etc). the clip of arsenio hall (i loved that show when i was in middle school) interviewing vanilla ice is great - that bitch has always sucked, and i love how the entire discussion is about a beef between him and mc hammer. i can't believe that this was EVER culturally relevant. i like your spangly outfit, robert van winkle - i'm totally gonna shave some verticle stripes into my eyebrow tonight in homage.

i'll get you, pussy face!!!!

from popbitch: The Black Widow: Sheryl Crow's cold hand of fate

Perhaps Owen Wilson's real problem was to get involved with Sheryl Crow? Because Sheryl is the Black Widow, The Angel of Death. Sheryl and Owen dated at the turn of the century. Only seven years later Owen's life is in disarray. Join the club, mate.
* Ex-boyfriend Kevin Gilbert - died from autoerotic asphyxiation.
* Ex-boyfriend Lance Armstrong - testicular cancer.
* Crow had a hit with Leaving Las Vegas, based on a book by John O'Brien, who committed suicide soon after its release.
* Ex-boyfriend Kid Rock - has Paris Hilton sniffing around him now.
* She was Jacko's backing singer. Need we say more?

i have two options: finish this post or wait until tomorrow when i actually have time. i think i'll just post it and maybe i'll even find time tomorrow to write a new (and way better) post. YAY. we all win.

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a black said...

They all came flooding back: the wretched bug-related flashbacks of urban apartment living. Thanks lots.

And congratulations on the actual departure of Carol and her bleeding feet.