Thursday, August 23, 2007

"When you insult the Midwest - land of corndogs, casseroles, and all my favorite packaged food products - you insult me." - Augusten Burroughs

i am mad at ab for inviting me to join goodreads because now i am obsessively going through it, adding books i've read, writing snarky reviews, and pretty much not a) working or b) blogging, the two things i ought to be doing today. one because i get paid for it and one because it is my favorite thing to do. on a computer.
the wapo writes about two red-headed indie hotties who have new albums out (jenny and neko, of course). the new rilo kiley is . . . different. for them and for me. jury's still out - maybe i will fully appreciate it after we see them in september (very excited for that show). anyway, enjoy the talents of red-headed musicians while you can, because jmk sent me a link to this article, which claims that all gingers will be extinct by 2060.

when jmk sent that article he also suggested clicking on the video, also from reuters, about the chinese dude with facial tumors. um, that's more like "my giant blob face is melting off my body" disease. it's unbelievable, and makes me sad for him, but the same kid who used to hang out in the school library paging through the birth defects encyclopedia for the pictures is fascinated by this as well. watch here.

it is also jmk's birfday. happy special day jmk! thank you for all of the random forwards and musical suggestions. i want to hire this band to show up tonight when we go to the bar.

one of the chicago youth symphony orchestra kids who played the french horn during my morning jacket's lollapalooza set writes about the experience here.

find out how much caffeine it would take to kill you here. if you can possibly avoid drinking over 200 diet cokes a day, just remember that you will die someday anyway. i used the death clock and learned that i will die when i am 77. i'm okay with that - i was born in 1977, so it seems appropriate. plus i am never the last one to leave the party - no one likes the person that they have to turn on "purple rain" (the perfect get-the-fuck-out song) for.

this is one way to ensure that people remember you after you die. speaking of death, you think my boyfriend is morbid for having a dead pool (and corresponding blog)? he is no where near as obsessed as this guy, who sells "death hag" bumper stickers and has some random-yet-insightful info posted on his site. who knew that nell carter was interesting?

hipster musicans and artists reveal their guilty pleasures to blender here. sorry, i don't consider loving ween anything to be embarrassed about. other than that time i was driving my friend cj around in rural-ass new hampshire, and i played "spinal meningitis (got me down)," and she got really quiet and said, "my cousin died of that." whoops.

random video to enjoy, sort of - sia makes herself all fug by making a video that looks like it was recorded on a camcorder in 1986 after being inspired by peter gabriel's wins at the mtv video music awards. her bottom teeth freak me out. pos once told me that he has "summerteeth," and the only reference i had ever heard before is the wilco album, so i asked what summerteeth are and he said "some are over here and some are over there." haahaha - that is so cute. his teeth aren't that bad.

more later. if i'm not nerding out over books i have read, want to read, and am angry that i read.
and, yes, that is a photo of marley as a p.i.m.p.


SarahReznor said...

Bearforce1..? good god… isn’t Nell Carter a character from Ali McBill…?

SarahReznor said...

That video makes chcolate rain look high tech....