Tuesday, September 18, 2007

"an entire generation pumping gas, waiting tables; slaves with white collars... our great depression is our lives" - tyler durden

my job has been su-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-cking hardcore lately, but i keep doing awesome personal-life things, so i feel schized out - boo hoo during the day, radness at night and weekends. in the last week i got to see wilco play the pritzker pavilion, a frank-gehry-designed beauty in millennium park, for $10 lawn seats (the view didn't suck, though - special shout-out to pjl, who staked out an amazing spot front and center of the lawn, a mere 20 feet from expensive tickets - i made the right choice when i hired him in august). they played for like two hours, including older stuff that i love, and jeff tweedy was in friendly spirits, saying goofy shit like "NAILED IT!" after a song. the show was supposed to be a benefit for a homeless organization, and they handed out commemorative magnets after the show (too bad they're ugly). chicago critic snark jim derogatis rated the show nearly perfect. hearing "california stars" live was perfect for me.

also in the last week, got to see rilo kiley, black rebel motorcycle club, and won tickets to see an upright citizens brigade sketch and improv show. all were great in their own, very different ways. i was surprised with the number of underage screamy girls at rilo kiley, shouting at jenny lewis about how much they love her, and was thoroughly creeped out by this nasty old dude with a greasy white ponytail and hmo glasses who was leaning against the railing a few feet away from us and didn't watch a single song - he was too busy staring at said underage girls. hurl in my mouth, seriously. brmc was awesome because they're dark and hott - "killing the light" is one of my favorite songs of the year, and i wasn't all that excited when pos bought the new album when it came out, but i listen to it all the time. and the upright citizens brigade show was funny - three cute jewish boys and their special blend of humor and pathos. eb and i went on a little dinner and comedy date because sf, her husband of four months, is aways being sent to other cities for work, and i wanted to treat the lady to a night out. without, like, paying for anything.

irish musician simple kid opened for brmc, and as soon as i saw him i wanted to hate him - hippie hair and headband and poncho and banjo and harmonica in holder. but then he cued up his laptop, played his multimedia show on the screen and stared playing, and he was really funny and smart and the music was good - he reminded me of early beck. his duet with kermit the frog was a little too precious for me, but i'm gonna have to look into his albums.

jmk likes to tell me battered-women and women-are-stupid jokes. he also sent me this excellent onion news network story about how there are no battered women, okay? they're just clumsy, alright? my name is motherfucking luka, man, so if you hear something late at night . . .

pos and i had a bet where i won $20 because i knew that ed from live is the waiter in fight club and he didn't believe me, but then he won it back because i thought that the soundtrack was by the chemical brothers, but it was by the dust brothers. nerds.

my mother sends me and my siblings shit like this. too bad this wasn't around when i was growing up - she would have bought it for us fo sho.

you know, i spend a lot of time on the internet - reading the news, trolling for new music, communicating with my friends over email and the blog, finding information - and sometimes i happen upon the inexplicable and the so very random. i spent a lot of time looking at these people.

this is pretty amazing, mostly because that outfit is EXACTLY what i just bought online yesterday.

i love directing you to mj's blog - he posts the best shit, like this.

check out this awesome video by awesome chicago band office.

and i will leave you with three videos to face your phobias, courtesy of three posts from one day on best week ever: claustrophobia (that wave pool looks so refreshing), evil clowns, and dane cook singing.

i have to go to bed now so that i can get up and go to the job that i am really not liking right now. pisser.

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SarahReznor said...

Ugh, I'm so jealous of you, you get to see everyone. I've wanted to see BRMC for so long...