Monday, September 10, 2007

having a job really takes away from the things i enjoy doing.

i really thought that i would have more time to blog, but i was wrong.

happy one-year anniversary to me and my magical unicorn boyfriend! pos sent me a pretty bouquet of flowers to my office on friday, which was a total surprise and which girls really like, especially at work, because work sucks and it is often that the best part of my work day is when he calls me. he usually asks to speak to me in his tom brokaw voice when i answer my phone and pretends to be calling to ask me about the fleecing of america or some other such nonsense. he bought me a beautiful marc jacobs watch for our anny (i try not to be a label whore but i am for marc jacobs) and i got him an 8 gig nano that i filled with bands that he likes and songs that he bought on my itunes account when i wasn't looking (although i did delete devo's "working in a coal mine" and that horrible "evidently chickentown" song, because i hate both of them). i could have cut a bitch when apple released the new fancy nanos like a week after i had purchased pos' gift and like the day after i had opened its packaging to load it with songs. i must admit that i really really want an itouch (despite its lame name) now. all things in due time, i know - i just get mad tech envy.

pos and i celebrated in style this weekend - we saw the flaming lips on friday (check out pitchfork photos here) and went to the hideout block party saturday to see art brut, the frames and andrew bird (our first date was the friday night of the hideout music fest last year). the flaming lips were amazing, as always. before the show a group of guys in red jumpsuits passed out thousands of red laser pointers, tossing them into the crowd. this made waiting for the band to start quite enjoyable - everyone was flashing the lights all over the venue, shooting one another, laughing. in its own strange way, it really got everyone in a happy and friendly mood. the band emerged from a silver spaceship thing from the ceiling, except for wayne, who walked down the spaceship in his giant plastic bubble and rolled around on the crowd's hands for a while before taking the stage. later in the show, he held a big circular mirror up, they turned off all the lights, and we were instructed to shine our lasers at him. it was beautiful - a man made out of red lights beaming lights back at us. i suppose that if i didn't love the lips so much i would think that their alien/spaceship/balloons/costumes/lasers schtick was retarded, but i think that wayne is a total genius and i love that his music is entirely life-affirming and fun without being insincere or simple, and his critiques of bush and the war in iraq are the same. they make me really happy. i smiled and laughed and danced and yelled throughout the whole show. the hideout was fine. the music was okay. i think that i need to stick to indoor venues to enjoy seeing a band at this point - i'm sick of festivals.

enough about me. here is good reading:
jmk sent me this brilliant onion article - "pitchfork gives music 6.8." the best sentence is the last one. i don't even bother reading the bitchfork anymore. self-important and wordy bastards. and yes, i know that i just linked to their flaming lips photos - they are a necessary evil in my music-obsessed life.

tc and sb did the chicago city chase race in august and she blogged about it - so rad! i love that their team name was "strangely asian" - which is what we always tell sb he looks like. tc is allowed to say this, as she really is asian. check out her cuddling the alligator - so cute! she called me at like 10 am to see if i could google a clue for her but i was asleep and the unsecured internet signal i was leeching off of was so rudely taken away from me, so i was of no assistance. sorry guys - but it looks like you didn't need my help anyway.

this just strikes me as a really bad idea.

i have tons more to post but work has to win out. i leave you with the knowledge that there is more than one man out there with the hairy-armpit/burlesque-dancer-crotch tattoo. see evidence here and here.


tc said...

i don't blame you for not being able to google for us, kb. i blame comcast for charging us an arm, a leg and our first born for the cable/internet package.

thanks for the shout out :-)

oh, and the "strangely asian" name is totally thanks to you pointing out the fact that "strangely" is the best and most useful adjective EVER.

Miss Misc said...

oh my gosh oh my gosh. Happy anniversary guys! I remember the day you went on an almost-date with point of sale and now you're pregnant and getting married! Oops, does anyone know that yet?

I look forward to seeing your christmas tree decorated with that really cool ornament you know the one.