Wednesday, September 26, 2007


you can go ahead and blame my job for my silence. oh, and i'm going to san diego for like a week for work, so i might be silent for yet another long stretch. OR i might be so bored in meetings that i sneak in some blogtime. we'll see how it goes.

jmk sent me this clip of old dudes mocking indie rock. funny.

sb sent this to me and told me to thank pos for saving me from my otherwise-inevitable future: as the woman that lives in this apartment. my favorite part is when she throws cat chow on the floor like she's scattering corn for chickens on a farm - and the cats go apeshit.

interesting article. great headline. from jmk.

my friend daniel is a man of many talents: he ran for congress (new haven green party), rooker pointer, groom-to-be (and i'm a bridesmaid), and a poet. his latest is published in the apple valley review - go here, go down to daniel sumrall (i counted down to the 34th name) and clickit. i like it. i don't know anything about poetry, but i like it.

my mom called me to let me know that she saw some white comforters at tj maxx (she and my dad are kinda obsessed with hitting that store at least once a week - i fear that they will turn into my aunt barb, who, upon retirement, went to target, walmart, shopko and kmart EVERY DAY after her daily breakfast at hardee's. then she moved to florida, where i can only assume she keeps a similar schedule. her life in general is gross). i had told her that pos and i wanted to get a white comforter or duvet, meaning like at christmas or something, and it's funny that she went looking for it right away. i mention this because it got me to thinking how weird it is to call it a "comforter" - like, boo hoo, i am sad, i will wrap myself in this warm down-filled blanket and calm myself down because that is its purpose, a big swaddler for adults. this reminds me of when pos and i park in lots that require your ticket to be validated by the store or movie theater so you don't have to pay full price. we wander around looking for the validation machine or the customer service desk and one of us will wimper "will someone please validate me?" and the other person will say something along the lines of "you ARE a good person. you are worthy of being loved" - you know, to help them feel better, to validate their self-worth.

yeah. anyway.

WTF is with the phil spector hung jury? oh, and his 27-year-old wife is a total dumbass - surprised?

heather from iafyaf interviews brmc here.

the nyt hangs out with tina fey here.

you know my love for hideous tattoos: here's one that's retarded, here's one that's fucking stupid, and this guy is pretty much simply terrifying.

off to cali.

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aunt barb said...

Keep it up, missy, and you won't get that Corningware set I've been saving for your wedding.

George Bush told us to go shopping, and by golly, that's exactly what I'm doing. You should try a little patriotism yourself.