Wednesday, September 12, 2007

the important issues that define our world.

i have a site meter for the blog, which kind of tracks who reads my blog. it's hard to deduce who it is most of the time - a lot of the addresses are unknown, and i happen to know that my work computer and the computers of co-workers who know about the blog show up as being in reston, va. it's funny for me to wonder about who these people are that are reading. like the uiuc person - who are you? you read all the time, and i have no idea who you are.

the site meter is free, which is a good price for it. it's not very accurate, it doesn't really tell me much of anything, but the two features to it that i really enjoy are "by location" and "by referral." by location is, obviously, where my peeps are at, and by referral is how random people found my blog. i love seeing that people found me linked off of other people's blogs, or from the technocrati boxes that the wapo uses in their stories that i link to, or that they typed in a series of words that, sometimes improbably, led them to reading me. one of my favorites was the term "hot sexy lade" (i think they meant lady), which was what some sexually-repressed person from saudi arabia googled - and, rather disappointingly for them, i imagine, scissors happy showed up.

i stole the chinese hospital sign photo from mj's blog, and i am going to now adapt one of his ongoing blog features, where he lists noteworthy names that he has come across. a sometimes-feature new to scissors happy: weird referrals from the site meter!

some of them aren't weird, per se, but they really demonstrate what it is that people are searching for online and happen to coincide with things that i have posted. apparently, at the end of the summer of 2007, people are really interested in hanson reportedly being oprah's worst guests ever, the fact that anderson copper is a tool and/or gay, and bizarre uses for scissors.

"anderson cooper is a tool" - 8/22/07 - boulder, co
"ghetto shield" - 8/23/07 - unknown, united states
bachelorette size queen - 8/28/07 - bern, switzerland
david bowie doesn't wear fur - 8/28/07 - unknown, united states
"rick springfield's teeth" - 8/30/07 - henrietta, ny
"oprah's worst guests hanson" - 9/5/07 - halifax, nova scotia, canada
"worst guest on oprah,hanson" - 9/5/07 - king of prussia, pa
"do you want whale sperm with that?" - 9/7/07 - chicago, il
fallin get me happy - 9/7/07 - saletto, emilia-romagna, italy
oprah hanson – 9/7/07 – unknown, united states
hanson music band oprah's worst guest – 9/8/07 – unknown, united states
oprah hanson worst guest – 9/8/07 – henryetta, ok
boot and rally you pussy - 9/8/07 - unknown, united states
"anderson cooper" "hott" -gay - 9/8/07 - germany
asphyxiation scissors - 9/9/07 - milwaukee, wi
"anderson cooper" "wit" -gay 9/10/07 - germany
hanson oprahs worst guest - 9/10/07 - duluth, ga
anderson cooper is a tool - 9/11/07 - gainesville, fl
hanson on oprah worst guest - 9/11/07 - regina, saskatchewan, canada
asian head scissors - 9/11/07 - unknown, united states

also: a huge number of people find my blog through image searches for this.


mykljak said...

How do I get a site meter? Is it the same thing as a ghetto shield? And will it help me boot and rally my pussy? 'Cause it's really been draggin' lately.

Do tell.

P.S.: Not everyone is charmed by Noteworthy Names. See Rodney Dangerfield's dyspeptic response below the latest installation.

scissors happy said...

wow, someone's waaaaaay too sensitive. maybe Dick Scissors' widow googled his name and came upon your blog - when really she should have been directed to me.

here is info on site meter - - it's pretty easy to add to your blog.

contemptster said...

with all due respect Scissors Happy every blog has done this. I can point out many for including an old post I did over a year ago. That's why I called it an old bag of blog tricks. But sorry if you felt slighted.