Tuesday, September 04, 2007

just hit shuffle

today's song: "as tears go by" - marianne faithful (watch a 1965 clip of her lip synching the song on british tv here).

best known (unfairly) as mick jagger's ladyfriend and sister morphine herself, marianne is often overlooked as being a great musician. she has released some cool stuff - i have to admit that i don't have a lot of her music, but i do really like "broken english" and "wherever i go." i'll have to check out her recent collaborations with damon albarn, jarvis cocker, pj harvey, beck, and other similarly rad artists. she re-recorded this song in the 90s and her voice is totally ravaged by smoking and her long struggles with addiction - it's strangely beautiful and touching.

check out her wikipedia page for her notorious history - she makes lindsay lohan look like a girl scout. they don't happen to mention the urban legend that the cops, during their 1967 drug bust, found mick eating a candy bar that was sorta, um, inside of her.

and now for something totally bizarre: marianne, dressed as a nun, singing "i've got you, babe" with david bowie during the ziggy stardust era. tv used to be so compelling.

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